Natural Skeleton Face!

Look what I discover? An imprint of human face or a Skeleton on the big rocks.


On our recent walk to our nearby jungle, I found this unique big piece of Boulders lying at one corner. On getting closer, it won't take much time to find out what it look like.

It is one of the great natural gift that one can understand. I am not sure if any of the localities ever noticed that, but I am quick to make a first skeleton impression of this big rock. To explain you better here is what I found out of the big rocks.


It was a clear impression of a human face lying on the jungle. Wondering how many would assume it to be a ghost stone. But I am sure there is nothing worst ever happened in that area. It is just mine observation that can relate it to a Skeleton face.


Our nature is full of surprises and has given us many type of gifts. This big rock is one such unique thing that I could relate too. Mine first impression on looking at the big rock is Skeleton face. Hope you could find something else.


Namaste @steemflow

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