Campsite Cleanup #11: Poncha Springs, Where I Discovered That I Am Naturally Talented At Stacking Trash


Hi, @otherbrandt here.

I am happy to report that me and my always belligerently drunk yet never unbeloved little Subaru, Yolo McFukitol, are both still alive and well and kickin' it with great enthusiasm and responsibly reckless abandon out here in our home sweet woods.

Just in case you were actually wondering about us. We still aren't dead.

And as 100% alive and well beings, we were recently encamped up in the San Isabel National Forest near Poncha Springs, Colorado, exploring some new terrain and enjoying much wine, women, and song minus the much women and of course wasting a few precious hours of our temporary and maddeningly fast speeding and fleeting lives, by picking up litter left behind by others who apparently had too many people to see, things to do, and places to be, to be bothered with the time-consuming act of bending over and back up again.

So, we did it for them.

And behold, here are all the discarded treasures of trash that we discovered:

7 - cans.jpeg

Right off the bat we were looking at several rusty old cans of sluggard and sloth preserves. Tasty of course but you are what you eat, as they say.

6 - cans.jpeg

I think the one on the left is actually an old can of jackass jam. I've personally never had any of that but I've heard it's pretty delicious and also wildly addictive.

1 - can.jpeg

I assume this is the one someone decided to smash on their forehead. What a stud.

2 - plastic thing.jpeg

I was quickly getting bored of the rusty old can theme, so it was nice to see other varieties of litter out there. Here we have the happy plastic wreckage of an experimental mass surveillance spy drone. I'm gonna see what I can get for this on eBay.

4 - tape.jpeg

Common Colorado garter snake, dead. Most likely shot by a cop for being the wrong color.

3 - pull tab.jpeg

Tiny magnifying glass. Glass no longer included.

5 - bud.jpeg

Can of studliness jelly. Clearly shotgunned.

8 - plastic.jpeg

Some sort of dead plastic thing? Not sure how these guys keep winding up so far away from the ocean where they obviously belong.

9 - shot.jpeg

That's a Pacific starfish if I've ever seen one. I wonder if these might actually get picked up by waterspouts and carried this far east?

10 - glass.jpeg

Broken glass in a firepit. Classic find right there.

11 - shingle.jpeg

And of course it wouldn't be the San Isabel National Forest without at least one chunk of asphalt shingle sitting there all pretty under the asphalt tree.

whole haul 1.jpeg

So there you go, that's the whole haul from Cleanup #11.

whole haul 2.jpeg

As you can see I decided to stack it for some reason. I don't know why I did that, but I'm glad I did because apparently I'm really good at stacking.

whole haul 3.jpeg

So to the campers who camped here before me I say this: Thank you for the opportunity to discover how good I am at stacking trash.

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🏕 🚙 🛢 🤙

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10-16-21. Hey @brandt I hereby challenge you to a trash stack-off.

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