Flores in Wonderland


With all the rain that had occurred a couple months ago in New England, mushrooms had sprouted everywhere. What came of this was a variety of mushrooms I had never seen.


My garden beds are built from trees I felled. They're about 10 foot long logs, and along these logs, mushrooms have sprouted into something truly mesmerizing.

The tomatoes are looking great as well. We have been able to pick about 5 - 10 tomatoes a day the last couple of weeks.


My daughter helped me this morning refill all the water and food for the chickens. I can't believe how fast the food goes in the run. These chickens eat non-stop. I think they'll slow down once I can get them to truly free range.


Her favorite thing right now is to help me fill up their water bucket. You can see the joy in her face.

Don't you wish we could all find this much joy doing chores?


I've heard about mindfully doing chores so that you are in the present moment while doing it. It's called single tasking, but if you ask me, if I'm doing a chore, I want to do anything that distracts me.

I haven't posted the video yet but this little baby chick kept getting stuck out in the room for the first couple of weeks. I had to keep going in there to save her. The last video I have is great, so I will go ahead and post that soon.


Hope you enjoyed these pictures! I unfortunately will have to cull some of my roosters soon. We'll see if I go ahead and post that. Anyone want to see that? I'm not so sure.

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