Loved by Everyone

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Almost everyone wants to be loved by everyone, is seen as a good person in society. People who are loved by everyone and are seen as good by society will very easily coexist. The things that are difficult for us to do will become easy because someone will help us.

The care of others and their love for us certainly does not come suddenly. To get a sense of caring and affection for others there must be a long process that must be carried out. This is the same process as we build other people's trust in us. To get the love of all people has to go through the stages of caring for others as well. Such as being Friendly to others, Good action, Likes to help, Sincerely doing something, and also Smiling.


People who are friendly towards others will be liked by many people as long as they are friendly at the right time. Is there being friendly at the wrong time? Of course, there are. For example, in serious situations, you can't be friendly, but you have to be firm. If you become friendly at the wrong time, you will end up being disliked by others. When is the right time to be friendly? When you meet people you know or ask someone something, you have to be friendly. If you are a public servant, you are required to be friendly to anyone so that the public feels well protected.

Good action

People who have a lot of money (rich) will lose to people who are good at acting. Even though you are beautiful and have a lot of money, if you are not good at being nice, you will be shunned by others. We must know to be good at being in some situations. Show good behavior and fun at the right time so that you are loved by many people.


An unforgettable impression for us is that when we need help there will be someone to help us. We will continue to speak of someone's kindness to us. If you also do good by helping people who need help, indirectly and unexpectedly, others will love you.


If you do work or do something for others sincerely, then other people will like your selfless personality. Helping and helping others without wanting anything in return, will be liked by many people, right?

Always smile

Making someone smile is very easy for everyone to do. Smile when we can still smile. It could be, the smile we give to other people will give that person happiness so that we are known as people who smile and will be loved by others.

How? easy right, to be a person who is loved by everyone? Anyone can do it including you, as long as you follow the right steps as I mentioned above. That's all my post today, hopefully, we can all become people who are loved by everyone. Thanks for reading and greetings

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