What Sorcery is This? Magical Inks and Pens


Aside from books, another thing I’m very passionate about is stationery. (Yep, it’s spelled that way. NOT ‘stationary’, which means motionless.)

Stationery can be anything from paper goods like stickers and cards to pens and other office/school organization tools. Since I love writing and journaling, I’ve been obsessed with fountain pens and inks.


Before collecting my own fountain pens, I never understood the hype. Sure, most of them look cute but I always thought that they were just a luxury because of their price tag. Why spend almost 2,000 pesos for a fountain pen when you can buy a regular ballpoint pen for 10 pesos?

Yet here we are. I now own 5 fountain pens in my collection.

My first ever fountain pen, the Platinum Preppy.

The main reason that I took the plunge in buying my first fountain pen is curiosity. As mentioned, I always thought fountain pens were expensive. But after watching some fountain pen videos on Youtube, I learned that you can get a fountain pen for 195 pesos! Hence, my first ever FP was the Platinum Preppy.

I love practicing my penmanship and using a fountain pen just levels up the whole experience. In this photo I show you my all caps, regular, and cursive writing styles.

Upon using the Platinum Preppy, I immediately understood why a lot of people love fountain pens so much. It writes smoothly and it does not require much force when writing, which means less strain in the hands. They also come in different sizes, shapes, and filling mechanisms.

But my favorite part of fountain pens is not the pen itself, but the ability to play with a range of different inks and ink colors.


Although I loved the Preppy and its cheap price point, I eventually invested in more expensive fountain pens because of a brand called Ferris Wheel Press. They are a stationery company based in Canada and their most famous products are their inks. Every season, they release different ink colors and at rare times, limited edition shades.

Just look at that gold foiling. Ferris Wheel Press gives it all in their packaging alone.

Ever since I learned about them, I keep trying to collect all their ink releases.

It also doesn’t hurt that their packaging is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of magical potions or even perfume bottles.

Since their original 85ml bottles are the most expensive, I opted to collect the 5ml ones since they come in threes.

My ink collection so far. I guess you could say I'm a little bit obssessive.

Still my collection, but from a different angle.

However, some limited editions only come in the 38ml bottles so I also have some of those.

So far, I have three 38ml ink bottles. Look at those boxes! They are good for collecting because they are so pretty.

A close up of their Limited Edition 2021 ink. The Lady Rose in Gold.

Sparking your creativity through their packaging.

Want to see the swatches/range of ink colors and my complete fountain pen collection? Let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll be sure to feature them in my coming posts.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I hope you enjoyed this post 😊

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