Let me ease your mind

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I was alone. The planet was mine or so it felt so solitary my presence in this quiet place seemed. I'd share it with her though, only and always her; the thought made me smile. But right then I was alone and content with the private moments, fulfilled by scent of petrichor filling my lungs and the feeling of freedom.

I looked up often, the green of the trees contrasted against the blue sky difficult to ignore.

The gentle swaying of the treetops as the breeze caressed them reminded me of her body moving seductively, swaying back and forth as she dances, eyes closed, hands on her body, that smile; I was content, with nature, and thoughts of her that never left me.

I was silent in appreciation of the image in my mind and my surroundings. Words weren't necessary and no one would hear anyway. I was in the forest; a seemingly prehistoric place, its vastness made me feel small and insignificant. My chest expanded and shoulders rose as I inhaled deeply my lungs filling with fresh air. The barest hint of movement pulled at my mouth, a lopsided smile. I exhaled and my eyes opened...I took a step and my retreat from society and journey to my centre resumed.

The moist ground, a blanket of fallen pine needles and lush mosses, was soft underfoot; last year's grasses, being reclaimed by the earth, and sprigs of new winter grasses, all rain-drenched, allowed me to move almost silently and the simple sounds of nature to reach my ears more easily. Indeed, those sounds reached my soul, spoke to it. It wasn't quite a perfect moment, she was not with me, but it was close.

As the breeze moved through the treetops above they sang; a thousand voices now rising, now falling, a music of such basic design but one that seemed performed solely for me. I stopped and listened, closed my eyes and let it ease my mind, permeate deep into my soul lifting my spirits and causing me to sink into the feeling of belonging, of oneness with planet and self. I felt like the last man on earth. Or maybe it was the first; both equally acceptable. And I walked further into the forest.

I hiked for hours stopping only to better hear and feel my surroundings.

The rabbit looked furtive, friend or foe, it thought as it observed me then scurried away little feet almost silent in the wet needles. But I heard, because I listened.

A family of wallabies stood their ground as I passed, partially wet fur giving them a dappled appearance, light and dark. They were intent upon the sweet, green grasses that made their way through the bed of pine needles searching for the sun...And then I moved away deeper into the forest and left them behind.

Here a lizard scurried away to find a sunny spot free from intrusion, there a bird fluttered, alighted upon a branch to rest, or took flight in search of food or the joy of flight: The Yellow-Faced Honeyeater, Fairywren and Striated Hornbill revelled in the freedom of flight and winged their way between trees uncaring of my clumsy and grounded intrusion. Now and then they'd add their song to the breeze-music above; at times in counterpoint, other times in unison. Nature is good at that. Everything intertwined. Myself, also.

I moved through space, with time meaningless, needing no destination other than the centre of my being; the place in which my true-self resides; a place most will never see through closed minds and hearts, or feel for lack of effort. A place I rarely reveal, but Supergirl found found with ease.

I'd share it all with her; this place, myself and all of my moments. I lost myself when she found me.

Sunday hike - Seeing and combining

I hiked for most of today, starting in the very early morning in a light drizzle after a drive on winding roads. Ghostly fog enshrouded the ground in patches still and unmoving until it swirled around my body when I moved through only to close behind me, still again and erasing my passage as if I was never there.

Trees sheltered me from short sweeping rain showers, I walked bathed in intermittent sunlight to dry off and took time to allow the natural surroundings to imbue me with the peace and serenity I only seem to find in nature.

I was alone so the world felt like mine, full of wonders to be explored, discoveries to make, but not alone as I carry her with me always; it's a condition I nurture as I do my own soul and spirit.

As I hiked colourful hues and the essence of life suffused deeply into my body, mind and soul and my steps brought me to that point I seek within, my center of being; it's my foundation and supports every aspect of myself and life. A place of calmness and tranquility to which I retreat, a place where I can find my true being.

The primordial nature and act of walking in wilderness and natural places reaches inside and comforts me; brings solace. It is one of the most valued activities and supports my life, comforts my soul and eases my mind.

Every moment is but a thread woven into the tapestry of life. There's colourless shades, threads black as starless nights, many torn and broken pieces, frayed edges; but there's a rainbow of colour also; vibrant hues and delicate pastels. It's all me, and all has value. The trick is seeing it, the colour. The trick is seeing it, the darker shades. The trick is in combining them all to light my way through life as best I can. In this state of utter peace and solace, hiking, I see myself more clearly.

Let me ease your mind

As always I'm sharing a track this Sunday, one that no matter my mood causes me to close my eyes and fall into it emotionally - Yes, it reminds me of that girl, the one I call Supergirl, but almost everything does; I'm lost in her...And found. Anyway, it's a smooth track in, and of, itself and I dig it. You might also, or maybe not.

Ease your mind is by an young artist from the Netherlands called More Ease [Maurice van Meer] and is full of simple melodies and smooth vocals all packaged up in what I can only describe as a mellow vibe, relaxed and somewhat sensual.

It's off an EP recorded in a studio in his bedroom and I'm declaring it officially legit. Get your ears around it, and let me know what you think.

I've put the original version with full lyrics into this post below and here's the link to the remix with less vocals which is good also - Just a little smoother and even more funky I think, but with less words.

Get on it folks, prepare for multiple eargasms. Fair warning: Eargasms.

"You got me in my feels today I might just loose my mind
Don't know what else to do I'm thinking 'bout you all the time
I just hope you're here for more so I can ease your mind
I can ease your mind, will you let me ease your mind"

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