My DIY Birthday Photoshoot Part 1


Hello, beautiful hivers! It's been a while since I posted my last blog. I was supposed to post my first montHIVErsary on the last week of August but I got caught up with a lot of things. I was busy with my work and I was managing our family business as well. That's why I wasn't able to finish my draft. I’m sorry for skipping a post for a whole month. I also got lazy and my brain wouldn't cooperate. But this time, I am in the mood to write. So let me share with you all our DIY photoshoot last September 12th.
A few months earlier, I already informed my closest friends and sisters that I wanted to do a photoshoot for my birthday. What I wanted to achieve was a bathtub photoshoot but I wasn't able to look for a place and this photoshoot we did was so sudden.


One fine Sunday, I kind of feel like doing the photoshoot because the day before that I pampered myself at a salon. I felt extra pretty with my eyelash extensions and my nail gel manicure. It was my first time to try these things on myself and I loved the outcome of it. I just couldn't stop looking at my nails and checking my lashes in the mirror. I kept telling myself in the mirror “I am so pretty” and then an idea just popped up on my mind. I needed to do the photoshoot today, not tomorrow, not the next day, but today. I told my siblings that I wanted to do the shoot at that very moment. Thank God I have beautiful and supportive sisters. They agreed without hesitation on what I wanted. @swaycanete suggested the place and did my awesome make-up. I feel like I am about to celebrate my 18th birthday at that time.

I borrowed the camera of @sassycebuana. I then asked @jongcl to be our chaperone. I am indeed so blessed because they didn't even complain about all my requests. So we headed directly to Camp Marina, Lahug, Cebu City.


This is the place. It's so peaceful and the air is so fresh. It was my first time visiting the place. I am in awe of how they managed to keep it clean and well maintained. There were also a group of people having fun at their photoshoot and a group of middle-aged women enjoying their Zumba session.



We looked for a certain place where no one can distract us. This is our first spot.





I started making poses. @swaycanete just continued clicking the camera while @jongcl instructed me what to pose. After a few shots with my first attire, we decided to transfer to another spot as I changed my outfit. I was glad I brought with me my “malong” for it was easier for me to change my outfits real quick. By the way, malong is a traditional Filipino rectangular or tube-like wraparound skirt bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs.


We headed to the right side of the place where the mini ground and stage are situated. Few people were enjoying their afternoon exercise on the ground. We didn’t mind the crowd instead, we just enjoyed our photoshoot.




This is my second attire. I got this dress from Shein. I like the style and color of this dress. Also, the cloth is soft and cold. Thanks to my sister @morenatravels for helping me find dresses on sale. I love wearing off-shoulder and bodycon dresses for it emphasizes my shoulders and hips. I kind of feel sexy every time I wear this kind of dress. 😁




There are still a lot of photos saved on my gallery. Two more outfits that you shouldn't miss on the next part of this blog series. By the way, I already celebrated my birthday last Sunday with my family at home. I just missed posting this ahead of time due to some circumstances. But I will make sure to catch up on things I have missed here on Hive and from now on I'll be more active.

Again, thank you so much for your time, and see you all in my next post. Stay healthy, stay active and keep safe. 😉
Until then...

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