30-Day Challenge By D.Buzz


30-Day Challenge By D.Buzz

What's going on good people?

Whether you are a seasoned author or a fledgling to the tribe, on occasion the sheer number of creative possibilities of looking at a blank screen and wondering what you should type about, could be challenging. While there are endless topics and ideas, sometimes it seems like there is nothing to say. It is a content creator's joy and pain, the blank canvas. No fear we’ve all been there, and we are here to help get you inspired and moveing.

To kick start your creativity, meet the "30 Day Buzzing Challenge from D.Buzz". You can use it as motivation, or a challenge to complete all 30 days, or look to it as inspiration to make your own posts. The overall goal of this however is to get your creativity energy moving, and to get you posting some exceptional content.

This 30-day challenge is specifically going to be focused on posting to D.Buzz, the micro blog platform built on the HIVE blockchain. Posts can have a maximum of 280 characters, they can include animated GIFs, emoji's, an image, and links... This means you have a wide variety of different ways to express yourself, and we encourage you to express yourself in many ways.

You could start this 30-day challenge on any day of the week, the most important thing though is to get started and stick with it. Also, you do not have to only do one post a day, you could do other posts if you wish!

Lastly feel free to use the hashtag #dbuzz30 if you wish. This way you can track other users and can track your progress.

Ready? Lets get to it!

First 7 days : let’s talk about you

For the first seven days, let’s introduce you to the community!

Day 1 : Let the world know you’ll be taking the 30-day Challenge by D.Buzz!
Day 2 : What is one interesting fact about you?
Day 3 : Take a photo of your workspace!
Day 4 : Share something you enjoy.
Day 5 : Talk about the last trip you went on.
Day 6 : Share something about an event you’re looking forward to.
Day 7: Share something you find funny.

Second week : Time to make friends

Day 8 : Post a shout-out to an author you like, and say why.
Day 9 : Shout out a community you enjoy.
Day 10 : Challenge a new friend to the 30-day challenge!
Day 11 : Share somebody else’s content (don’t forget to give them credit)
Day 12 : Share a throwback photo of you (
dig one up and share it!)
Day 13 : Post a seasonal cheer and tag a friend.
Day 14: Do a gratitude post of something or someone you're grateful for!

You are doing good so keep strong!

Third week : You're halfway there!

Day 15 : Tell everybody you are on day 15, halfway through your challenge! Woot Woot!
Day 16 : Tell us about your day using only Emoji’s
Day 17 : Post the cutest pet photo you can find (online or from you)
Day 18 : Tell us about the first memory you can recall.
Day 19 : What are your feelings about ghosts?
Day 20 : Do you think there is life on other planets?
Day 21 : Post a photo of an object that is directly to your left, and give it a name.

You are in the home stretch!

Last week : Let's have some fun!

Day 22 : Let everyone know you're on your last full week of the 30 day challenge. Tag a Friend to join!
Day 23 : Embed a .Gif that you think mirrors how you feel today.
Day 24 : If you could be any holiday icon what would it be?
Day 25 : Post a photo of you holding fruit, and ask the community for captions.
Day 26 : Tell us your favorite joke.
Day 27 : Share one thing that you are most grateful for today in either a photo or text.

Three days to go! You can do it!

last three days of the challenge!

Day 28 : Share one thing you discovered while taking this challenge.
Day 29 : Share the one of the biggest challenge you had while taking this challenge.
Day 30 : Congratulations, its time to toot your own horn, feel free to brag and tell everybody that you've completed 30 day.

  • If you wish you may also re-buzz this award saying you have completed the challenge.
  • yes you can re-buzz it even if you didn't win, there are no fact checkers... but you would know...:P


What to do now?

So you've completed the 30-day challenge where to go from here? Well this challenge was meant to inspire you to get rocking on being creative and putting fun content online, you can always redo the challenge again, or use the ideas for inspiration to create your own posts every day!

If you like this challenge we can also create another 30-day challenge for you, just let us know down below in the comments if you appreciated this challenge and would like another.

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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