Today Im Turning 34.

Hi #hive-114105 ! This is my first post in a long time of being away, And since its the right time to start writing my first blog will be somewhat personal :)

Today I'm turning 34, I was not sure how to feel in this day while I'm getting older another year, Should I be worried or just enjoy the process.


While the world has changed and now we living in a new era with covid life has become different, I do not have the freedom to plan the future ahead as for the first time I do feel like I dont know what my future folds, But the best thing I can do is just take it each day at its time and enjoy being in a company of friends.


It is important to have emotional support from your friends and family, If anything lockdowns taught me, Is being inside the house 24/4 could drive you crazy, But if there is someone who's there for you things always can be better.


I usually dont know how to express my self that much but I will try my best in future posts ! , Have a lovely dat guys :)


Wish everyone an amazing years to come ! <3

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