Take care of your skin

Hi to every dear member of the @celfmagazine community πŸ’™

We see beautiful models during the day that may just look like this
But do they really love themselves?

Join me to share an experience of being in love with myself β€πŸ‘‡

I'm a dancer and I spend most of the week exercising and dancing with my students.
Last month I was updating at the Belly Dance workshop and I was really tired, both physically and mentally...

It was the weekend and I decided to go and do skin cleansing to get better

This photo before starting work:


These are the tools I saw to get started


And I'm feeling good waiting for it to start


Close-up photo (BEFORE)



At this stage, enzymatic peeling was performed to deeply exfoliate the skin and cleanes the skin of impurities and comedones.


Now this special glue is applied to remove all the small blackheads

And then the special paper that I felt after 5 minutes of picking it up, the skin on the tip of my nose smoothed like a mirror 😍


Now the spirulina algae was used to nourish the skin like a mask


Now hydrate the skin with a gold mask and hyaluronic acid



And the use of a hydrodermabrasion device to absorb nutrients

and the end :


Just look at how much cleaner and smoother the skin around the tip of my nose became


After finishing the work, she introduced me to the sunscreen and proper toners for washing my skin 😊

Have you ever had skin care experience?


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