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I think Hive is best positioned to be the economic and monetary platform for a "virtual country" - a country with no territory but with a people, the Hiveans, brought together by the will to create new value, common prosperity and do good.

As a financial platform, Hive can provide the "central bank" function of a country and undergird its economy.

New value, which will bring sustainable value to the currency and encourage exchanges with the outside world, will be created by the many possible applications:

  • creating and spreading knowledge - Hive can support journals, a "Quora-like" application, a "Medium-like application"
  • contracting - like back in the time of Utopian
  • charitable giving and crowdfunding - like back in the time Fundition
  • distributed storage (I sketched out a "Storj-" or "Filecoin-like" application called Steembit in an older article)
  • personal archiving / customer service application (I wrote about this in "My blockchain memory")
    AND of course
  • games (Splinterlands, Exile game, dCity, etc)

I would all the community around the blockchain and its applications, around this "virtual country" the Hive Republic

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