A soul, an ideal

In her "State of the Union 2021" address, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen quoted one of the EU Founding Fathers, Robert Schuman: "Europe needs a soul, an ideal, and the political will to serve this ideal"


Perfectly true for every common project, for every collaboration, including business ventures. Remember the famous quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast "? Where do you think the "culture" of a business comes from, and how does it form? It comes precisely from the "collision" between the stated ideal, the "mission statement" and "vision" on one hand, and the way things unfold concretely on the field year after year as a consequence of the application of whatever "political will" there is. Thus hypocrisy (stating something grand but not meaning it and weaseling about) generates a culture of hypocrisy.

The same applies to Hive: Hive needs a soul, an ideal and the governance to pursue that ideal. Just having top notch technology is not enough. Just having a "unit of account" is not enough. We need a higher ideal.

I said this in the past, with different words, in the time of steem:

"Steem Social Lab: we need a charter"

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