Hive Governance Vote Expiration Simulation and Expiration Checking Tool

What is "Governance Vote Expiration"?

As you may or may not know, @blocktrades team has been developing a "governance vote expiration" system. This system will serve blockchain users to prevent inactive accounts (or even in situations where the account owner has passed away) having a say in the governance. Whether it be witness votes or DHF proposals. You can read the image below for an explanation on vote expiration, written by @blocktrades here.

Blocktrades's comments about governance expiration.

Currently, the plan is to have this feature released with the next hardfork, sometime later this year. (2021)

The way this code works at the moment (per repository inspection) that if you do not have any governance action, such as voting a witness, voting a proposal or setting on a proxy for a whole year -- all your witness votes, proposal votes and proxy will be automatically disabled.

Lets say you voted deathwing as a witness on June 14th 2020 and after that, you never voted anyone as a witness nor participated in DHF proposals (you never supported/unsupported any) that means, your witness vote for deathwing will expire on June 14th 2021. (Please note that this will happen after the hardfork should the period be 365 days (which it is at the moment))

If you don't want your witness/proposal votes to be automatically removed, all you have to do is keep track of what is going on around the chain and regularly updating your DHF and witness votes. Remember, voting for disabled or stale witnesses or proposals whose owners are not justifying their DHF payment, is a bad thing to do.

Vote Expiration Tool

To find out right now (or even at a later date) whether or not your votes will expire, you can check out where you can input your username and see when was your last governance action.

If your last governance action is currently valid.

If your last governance action is invalid and has expired.

Governance Expiration Simulation

To see how the current Top 200 witness list would look like, myself and @rishi556 have simulated a "governance expiration" please keep in mind that this simulation only takes into account votes done on or after July 1st 2020.

If by July 1st 2021 (Deathwing's assumption of the hardfork date™) no one updates their witness and DHF votes nor set a proxy, Hive witnesses would look like the following list. Please do note that users marked with an "X" under Disabled/Stale column mean that their witness was disabled or consecutively missing blocks/on an older HF version (stale) as of when this post was written.

List of witnesses on July 1st 2021 With Vote Expiration Applied: (again, Deathwing's assumption of hardfork date™)

Please note that the following list does not take "30 day vote delay" into account.

RankWitnessVESTSHIVE PowerDisabled/Stale
1blocktrades85.649b44.081m HP
2gtg83.028b42.732m HP
3steempeak82.949b42.691m HP
4roelandp79.671b41.004m HP
5good-karma78.260b40.278m HP
6ausbitbank77.741b40.011m HP
7steempress74.496b38.341m HP
8yabapmatt74.453b38.318m HP
9arcange72.437b37.281m HP
10stoodkev72.424b37.274m HP
11anyx72.031b37.072m HP
12themarkymark71.438b36.767m HP
13pharesim71.423b36.759m HP
14therealwolf70.716b36.395m HP
15aggroed63.818b32.845m HP
16cervantes63.573b32.719m HP
17someguy12362.833b32.338m HP
18ocd-witness62.771b32.306m HP
19emrebeyler62.064b31.942m HP
20followbtcnews56.317b28.985m HP
21abit55.360b28.492m HP
22quochuy52.145b26.838m HP
23drakos51.705b26.611m HP
24leofinance49.847b25.654m HP
25curie48.771b25.101m HP
26lukestokes.mhth42.550b21.899m HP
27threespeak41.837b21.532m HP
28mahdiyari41.707b21.465m HP
29jesta41.667b21.444m HP
30smooth.witness39.725b20.445m HP
31netuoso39.251b20.201m HPX
32holger8037.912b19.512m HP
33guiltyparties37.074b19.081m HP
34deathwing31.348b16.134m HP
35timcliff28.119b14.472m HP
36neoxian26.686b13.735m HP
37thecryptodrive26.599b13.689m HP
38riverhead26.057b13.411m HP
39pfunk25.864b13.311m HP
40actifit22.464b11.561m HP
41fbslo21.663b11.149m HP
42roomservice21.393b11.010m HP
43klye20.669b10.638m HP
44engrave20.294b10.445m HP
45steemitboard19.571b10.072m HP
46gerber16.832b8.663m HP
47bhuz16.339b8.409m HP
48r0nd0n16.285b8.381m HP
49c0ff33a15.854b8.159m HP
50enginewitty15.700b8.081m HP
51bobinson14.578b7.503m HP
52nathanmars14.447b7.435m HP
53stem.witness14.189b7.303m HP
54patrice14.164b7.290m HP
55ats-witness13.278b6.834m HPX
56liondani13.215b6.801m HP
57apshamilton12.968b6.674m HP
58innerhive12.833b6.605m HP
59qurator12.045b6.199m HP
60oflyhigh11.038b5.681m HP
61hextech10.721b5.518m HP
62dbuzz10.638b5.475m HPX
63bdcommunity10.316b5.309m HP
64cryptobrewmaster10.078b5.187m HP
65ura-soul9.750b5.018m HPX
66kevinwong9.655b4.969m HP
67crowdwitness8.990b4.627m HP
68jackmiller7.807b4.018m HPX
69firepower7.801b4.015m HP
70primersion7.054b3.631m HP
71cadawg6.681b3.438m HP
72dragosroua6.287b3.236m HP
73satren5.911b3.042m HP
74discovery-it5.587b2.876m HP
75blue-witness5.405b2.782m HP
76fernandosoder4.136b2.129m HPX
77reazuliqbal4.126b2.124m HP
78isnochys3.989b2.053m HP
79cervisia3.983b2.050m HP
80tazi3.628b1.867m HP
81mintrawa3.384b1.742m HP
82rotfl3.185b1.639m HP
83delegate.lafona3.114b1.603m HPX
84helo2.974b1.530m HP
85ihashfury2.870b1.477m HPX
86jamzed2.677b1.378m HP
87techcoderx2.658b1.368m HP
88steemychicken12.499b1.286m HP
89lapingvino2.473b1.273m HP
90kristall972.438b1.255m HP
91dmitrydao2.153b1.108m HP
92hagie2.119b1.090m HP
93danielsaori1.892b973.879k HPX
94elindos1.887b971.034k HP
95c-squared1.722b886.259k HPX
96blockbrothers1.693b871.275k HPX
97weedcash.network1.588b817.214k HP
98lootkit.witness1.567b806.638k HP
99veteranforcrypto1.423b732.177k HP
100nextgencrypto1.357b698.433k HPX
101coingecko1.347b693.062k HPX
102whiterosecoffee1.266b651.663k HP
103busy.witness1.265b651.170k HPX
104battlegames1.232b634.242k HPX
105b0y2k1.119b575.846k HP
106adsactly-witness1.111b572.032k HPX
107dsound1.077b554.282k HPX
108steemgigs1.005b517.190k HPX
109dpoll.witness948.284m488.052k HP
110clayop815.179m419.546k HPX
111shmoogleosukami794.170m408.734k HP
112aizensou759.061m390.665k HP
113disregardfiat748.863m385.416k HP
114wise-team714.557m367.760k HPX
115justyy678.723m349.317k HPX
116complexring665.251m342.384k HP
117partiko613.956m315.983k HPX
118yehey592.756m305.072k HPX
119utopian-io576.763m296.841k HPX
120thealliance576.016m296.457k HP
121fyrst-witness497.041m255.811k HPX
122krnel465.429m239.541k HPX
123prc433.783m223.254k HPX
124swisswitness387.709m199.542k HPX
125helpie373.058m192.001k HPX
126thekitchenfairy372.451m191.689k HPX
127reggaemuffin369.025m189.925k HPX
128teamsteem339.775m174.872k HPX
129travelfeed325.819m167.689k HPX
130fulltimegeek320.212m164.803k HPX
131oracle-d313.845m161.526k HPX
132steemcommunity307.463m158.242k HPX
133blueorgy300.351m154.581k HPX
134lux-witness296.799m152.753k HPX
135demotruk296.096m152.391k HPX
136yoodoo271.818m139.896k HPX
137steem-bounty270.797m139.370k HPX
138pcste265.638m136.716k HP
139blockchained261.614m134.644k HPX
140felixxx242.304m124.706k HPX
141untersatz238.871m122.939k HPX
142steem-id229.667m118.202k HPX
143markangeltrueman225.220m115.914k HPX
144chbartist224.919m115.759k HPX
145idnit224.834m115.715k HPX
146theprophet0222.586m114.558k HPX
147silversteem217.460m111.919k HP
148pjau213.134m109.693k HPX
149jatinhota199.882m102.873k HPX
150justinadams199.687m102.773k HPX

This is the current status of witnesses.

When we look at our current votes, we can see that @blocktrades went fown from approximately 135 billion VESTS votes to 85 billion vests, same thing with @gtg moving from 135b to 83b @peakd (@steempeak) rose from 8th to 3rd in the simulated results as we can see other changes throughout Top 20 with @good-karma and @ausbitbank and others changing their spots while @emrebeyler becomes a consensus witness once again as @abit loses his spot.

Closing Thoughts

Off-Topic: Remember to never click on any suspicious links you receive as a comment, promising you free money and airdrops. Do not give your private keys for airdrops. There's been a lot of these going around lately.

If you receive suspicious comments/Discord DMs/Telegram DMs from "Hive Official Accounts" of some sort, it is very likely that they are attempting to scam, make sure to verify on Hive Discord/Hive Telegram before proceeding with anything, for any official announcements, please follow @hiveio account.

Make sure to check your witness votes, proposal votes, recovery account ever so often to verify their current status.

If you like what I am doing consider supporting me as a witness, also, I'd be happy if you can support my friend, @rishi556 who has been working together with me in various different projects!

You can do so using the following links:

Vote for Deathwing.
Vote for Rishi556.

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