Gamers' PC's Just Got Banned From California & More

This is pure insanity. High end Gamer PCs sold by Dell can not be shipped to California, Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, Oregon or Vermont due to power consumption. I mean everyday you think this clown world can't get any more insane and then something like this comes up to remind you, bro we're still on the first ascent up this roller coaster to hell.


I don't believe we are causing "Climate Change", but for those that do, the gamers with these PCs put out less carbon than any single appliance you buy coming from China. This is pure punishment to gamers & high end PC users. Oh, and I'm sure the Elite's kids will get a "carbon credit" pass.

So long E-sporters in those states. Crypto miners better run for the hills too, if there are any still left in those states. Enjoy the Great Reset ride plebs!

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