HUGE WORLDWIDE Anti-Tyranny FREEDOM Rallies In London, France & Italy - 24th of July 2021

Respect Hive!

Here are more than 6 hours live stream from Tim Truth
on Odysee, all live streams from yesterdays Freedom Rallies
from France (more than 200!) and London, also some footage
from Italy.
With another 200 odysee viewers i followed the action in
the different rallies live. Highlights, David Icke in London
and some french police walking with the people in certain
french cities. From Paris you also saw police running
away from protesters..😅, Babylon, run, pretty funny
But i got really respect for the french police who was "escorting"
the people mask-free. Cool!

Worldwide Rally 24th July 2021.jpg

Here are more Rallies from Australia:

Berlin-Germany is Next! 01.08.2021:
Berlin 01.08.2021.jpg

Berlin 01.08.2021_2.jpg

"All In" For A Free Life!

Take Care! 1 Love

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