Feeling Great, Enjoying the Sun, and Maybe Going Out this Weekend?

Definitely feeling great today!

Sunlight, fresh juice, an amazing smoothie, and relaxing outdoors :-)

I may or may not head to the pdxFreeThinkers meetup tomorrow, and/or the big anti-jab-mandate rally on Saturday... but who knows.

It was pretty great being out there last weekend, doing some de-escalation, and helping educate many of those at the event that clearly haven't been paying attention for very long.

I've still got about a case and a half of sticker rolls for making those awesome White Rose stickers... which I really haven't done much for like 4 months. I just kinda got burnt out on it.

Recently, I've been trying to find someone to take the printer, and begin printing stickers for the Portland community, but no luck so far.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you're having a magnificent day!

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