Sarah Silverman and some other people living in fantasy land occasionally advocate for splitting the country up into Liberal and Conservative countries... Short term thinking rots their brains...

These people do not really think long term. What parts of the country are Liberal? What do they produce? Do you need that to survive? What do they require in order to produce such things? Where do those requirements come from? If you think about it these idiots are essentially advocating for disaster for themselves...


The so-called Conservative parts of the country can actually survive quite well without the so-called Liberal parts. At this point I am going to ditch "Liberal" and I am going to ditch "Conservative". As I have stated many times in the past few months there is nothing actually "Liberal" about the people that like to call themselves such. They end up being some of the most intolerant and hateful people on the planet. That is not liberal. They are also not progressive as they are advocating essentially for return of segregation, division, and failed ideologies like Socialism and Marxism. That is regressive which is the opposite of progressive. For this reason I tend to call them "Leftists" as I am referring to the left most side of the Overton window.

This Sarah Silverman suggestion of splitting up the country is not about Liberal and Conservatives. In reality by the actions and what the actual words Liberal and Conservative mean the people that fit those labels are not Leftists, call them Right if you prefer.

Sarah is essentially advocating for breaking the country into Leftists and not-Leftists.

What do the Leftists produce?

Entertainment, Celebrities, Talkers, career politicians, Some tech software, Social Media, etc....

What do the non-Leftists produce?

Food, Workers, Industry, Minerals, Resources, Clothing, Homes, Cars, and also Some tech, some Social Media, etc.

Now before you become outraged (it may be too late for that) yes there is some overlap but statistically the majority of people in those areas will be on one side.

  • What do you need to survive?
  • Can leftists feed, clothe, and shelter themselves purely by talking and continuing to stand on a pedestal?
  • Can the non-leftists survive without celebrities, talkers, career politicians, social media, etc.?

If you truly think about those questions you should quickly understand how incredibly stupid what people like Sarah Silverman are recommending truly would be...

I am actually speaking up on their behalf.

If they get what they are asking for I will be fine. My family will be fine. In fact we might in the long run be better off as we'll have less demands from the Sarah Silvermans in the world FORCING us to do things against our will.

This is rather suicidal for the Sarah Silvermans of the world.

Yet they are too ignorant and short thinking to even realize this. They think food magically appears on grocery store shelves. They think a robot can cook in McDonalds when that robot doesn't have any of the food materials to make into food. They think fancy celebrity clothing designers can continue to make their overpriced clothing when they can't get the textiles and materials to make into clothing.

They think people can continue to make movies without the power, plastics, materials, food, workers, etc.

They seem to think their celebrity status and entertainment goods magically are like mana from the gods that people can survive on.

Though the reality is they don't stop to think at all. Their operative mode is "We hate these people, we need to be separated from them." While accusing people that they don't agree with as being guilty of "hate speech".

The truth is the media, and the politicians are pushing fear porn, and pure ignorance. They are idiots.

We can try to wake them up because they have undue influence and seem to being driving a rapidly accelerating vehicle we are all trapped in towards a cliff and all we are doing is trying to shake the driver to wake him up in time to turn the vehicle or step on the brakes before it is too late.

I don't hate anyone except for the willfully ignorant. To be willfully ignorant you need to know you are wrong, admit it, and then keep pushing what you admitted was wrong anyway. Such people are about the only people I hate. I don't hate people simply for disagreeing with me. Yet I am not a leftist. I am one of the people the leftists hate.

Why should I bother trying to talk about the Sarah Silvermans when if they get what they want they will likely be in a very bad situation and I will possibly be in a better situation than I am now? Because, I don't hate them. I want them to wake up. I don't want them to jump off the building to their death. Would it make my life easier if they did? Perhaps. Yet if they do come back to reality they might do something truly important in the future.

If people on the other hand say "X is suicidal and we shouldn't do it" and yet they continue after saying that to advocate for X then I am completely fine if they fall to their death from a building. I freely admit I despise and even hate the willfully ignorant.

I am collecting and making some images to illustrate the reality of her proposal...




What you will find if you look almost across the board is high population centers will tend to be the Sarah Silvermans. When it comes to survival these are locations that can primarily be called "consumers". The places that produce the food and and materials consumed by those locations are those that Sarah Silverman thinks should be in another country. We can call them the "producers".

So if you have one country that is producers and one that is consumers what happens when the consumers no longer can forcefully take from the producers? Ever heard of starvation?

Now the Sarah Silvermans will likely think it is okay if a state dominated by people like her due to concentrated population centers should be able to tell the other parts of the state what to do. This means she doesn't want to actually divide the country up based upon belief. She wants some states to essentially be SLAVE states where they enslave the counties that disagree with the high population centers and force them to make food, and provide resources.


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