CONFIRMED: AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine KILLING Young Healthy Adults! Entire Narrative CRUMBLING!

At first, it was outright denied. Then, officials admitted a few rare cases of blood clots, but said it was no more than expected. Now experts finally admit: AstraZeneca's Covid product is killing completely healthy recipients! Not only that, they concede they know of no reason why the other rushed "vaccines" (like Pfizer and Moderna) don't have the same issue! Already, dozens of countries (including Canada) have halted AstraZeneca's product. Meanwhile, doctors around the world are begging governments to hear that these DNA/mRNA "vaccines" may ALL cause deadly blood clots, because they ALL target a similar spike protein for overproduction. This all comes against a backdrop of nonstop mainstream media doom porn, now turning their attention away from the elderly, claiming scary new variants target young people. There are threats of being ostracized for those who don't take the shot, and bribes of cruises and free donuts for those who do. This unexpected and unwanted effect has the potential to bring down the ENTIRE Covid vaccine agenda!

Things are moving quickly in "The Vaccine" realm. It's THE story, around the world. Nothing is bigger right now than this agenda. Governments don't hide the fact they consider it their primary duty to get an experimental pharmaceutical product into every living human, as soon as possible. It doesn't matter what corporation the product is made by, how much it costs, how it needs transporting, or what it does. All that matters is getting some sort of Covid product into people, now. Questions about the strategy started quietly, but have built to a deafening roar.

For a review on everything happening until this point, please see my update post yesterday, and my full article written a week ago, about governments increasingly making the injections mandatory.


For a few weeks, this particular brand of the gene-hijacking injections has been singled out in certain regions of the world as causing potentially-deadly blood clots. 8 days ago, Canada halted AZ, along with dozens of other countries. All along, AstraZeneca has denied their product could have any such side effects, as have Pfizer, Moderna, and the other mRNA vaccine manufacturers.

I was recently made aware of a series of communications between "Doctors for Covid Ethics" and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The doctors write that ALL DNA / mRNA vaccines must be halted immediately due to the risk of deadly blood clots in the legs, lungs, brain, and other organs.

"CSVT, cerebral venous thrombosis, is always a life-threatening condition.. the most common symptoms are piercing headache, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, stroke-like symptoms occur including impairment of speech, vision and hearing, body numbness, weakness , decreased alertness and loss of motoric control.. Countless individuals suffered from precisely such symptoms directly following “vaccinations” with all the experimental gene-based agents. Given that there is a mechanistically plausible explanation for these thromboembolic adverse reactions, namely that the gene-based products induce human cells to manufacture potentially pro-thrombotic spike protein.. the dangers must be ruled out for all emergency-authorised gene-based vaccines, not merely the AZ product."

The doctors conclude "it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable that EMA permits these products, which hold only emergency use authorisations, to be administered to younger (<60y) people who are healthy, as they are at unmeasurable risks from SARS-CoV-2" and "we remind the EMA that Nuremberg violations constitute crimes against humanity.. the worst atrocities known to mankind". It is a powerful open letter and I invite you to read the entire thing.

Just hours ago, Reuters announced the European Medicines Agency has thrown AstraZeneca under the bus, stating there is a "clear link" between it and the deadly blood reactions. While downplaying it by saying the exact mechanism of clotting isn't yet understood, an unprecedented emergency announcement is planned for tomorrow (Wednesday Apr 7).

This may seem like a small step, but that's how news announcements (on negative stories like this) are done. Denied at first, then a partial admission, then a nearly-full admission, and then total reversal of the original denial. Spread out over a few news cycles, it hits the populace slowly. What's clear is that AstraZeneca is going down in flames. What's likely is the mRNA vaccines do their best to distance themselves from AZ, and insist there is no solid evidence their "vaccine" is too dangerous to continue giving. Just as with AZ until the moment it was admitted to be killing people, the benefits of the products will be said to be greater than the risks.

But people are starting to realize, it should be up to them to weight that cost/risk ratio, and make their own decision. They see that after decades of protecting human rights, the Nuremberg Code - said by Western doctors at the time to be only necessary for barbarians - is now being openly broken in a variety of ways. Civil disobedience of unjust lockdown measures and restrictions is spreading. Protests (legal or otherwise) are growing, everywhere.

At the VERY least, this throws a monkey-wrench into the gears, and will cause millions to become skeptical of the vaccines when they otherwise would have just rolled up their sleeves.

"100% safe and effective!" was a lie. We now know this with certainty. The skeptics and crazy conspiracy theorists were right again. To what extent is yet to be seen, but it is undeniable: DNA/RNA vaccines are NOT 100% safe, as millions were promised.

Anyone who has received such a "vaccine" within the past 3 weeks should monitor themselves for any of the symptoms listed above, and seek medical attention if they are having unintended effects. After 3 weeks, the majority of blood-clotting risk has passed, according to the pharmaceutical companies, but their track record on such issues has not been good.

As unfortunate as this is, I believe it will lead to many people waking up, and many more starting to question the official, crumbling narrative.


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