PALNET NEWS | The Palnet tribe is now an Outpost | NFTs, proposals and diesel pools!


The PAL tribe has just upgraded to an Outpost! Here are the new features that are available:


You can now create NFTs and sell them for PAL. The NFT interface can be seen here:

Currently the whitelisting is manual so may not be instant but we will be moving to a new system shortly where you can pay a small amount of PAL and be approved to mint. You can apply on the profile tab:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 4.27.31 PM.png

Since the PALnet team launched NFT Showroom we have seen a large demand for people wanting to mint things that are not strictly art, such as memes, badges, giveaway items etc. We think the PALnet tribe will be a great place for these types of tokens!

The fee structure: The first edition costs 6 PAL and each additional edition costs 1 PAL. All minting fees will be used to provide liquidity for the diesel pool.


Similar to the HIVE DAO fund users will be able to make proposals and stake weighted votes will determine which proposals get funding. This page can be seen here:


The diesel pool is now integrated directly into the PALnet frontend for quick trading and as mentioned above all PAL NFT minting fees will be used to add liquidity. The diesel pools are here:

As always feel free to hop into the PALnet discord if you have any questions!

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