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One of the great benefits I have at my job is that I get to enjoy the vacations with my family every year, since my husband and son are also on vacation at the same time. Many people associate vacations with leisure and expenses and not with how healthy it can be. Taking vacation time is a right that every worker has, it varies depending on the country, your contract and regulations, which brings positive effects to both the worker and the company.

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Some choose to plan in advance where they will travel on vacation, others just enjoy outings in the area where they live, there are people who dedicate it to take some courses in an area they like or simply do other work.

With regard to this issue, several studies have been conducted that have shown on the one hand, its benefits, among which are:

  • It is a time that we can dedicate to ourselves and reflect on our priorities, on the changes we should make in our professional or personal life and that perhaps we are displacing because of the little time we have when we work.

  • Stress reduction, by disconnecting from work responsibilities improves our mental and physical health, we feel less pressured and anxious.

  • Prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood sugar levels, triglycerides, cholesterol or fat accumulation.

  • Increases the quality of sleep, while working we usually wear ourselves out by not sleeping well and a vacation will help us to sleep better and rest longer.

  • Improves mood, sharing with family and friends strengthens relationships, new experiences are lived and makes us feel happier.

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On the other hand, some studies indicate that after about a month after the vacation and return to work the healthy effects of the time off pass quickly, and appear the post-holiday syndrome, which is given by a series of both emotional and physical alterations that appear when we return to work, such as listlessness, anxiety, sadness, difficulty sleeping, headache, malaise, so they propose that should take more vacation of shorter periods instead of a long vacation time. They also recommend some activities to face the return to the work environment such as starting activities gradually, taking advantage of weekends to rest, being thankful for the opportunity to have had a vacation, recovering good habits, eating healthy, among others.

Also, for some people the holiday period is more a cause of stress because for them work is the most important thing in their life, and when they disconnect they feel lost and empty because they do not have specific tasks to do in their day to day or because they have no one to share them with, so socially they feel lonely and isolated. On the contrary, there are people who may feel stressed and nervous due to multiple commitments at a social level, taking away time for rest and relaxation. Others do not enjoy vacations either because of economic instability, as some companies do not pay for them, and others prefer to save money.

As we can see, vacations and their benefits do not last long, additionally not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy them, however it is necessary to take a few days to rest and especially to share, we must seek balance between work and personal life, we must take care of our health and our families. Tell us about any plans you have for your vacations!

For the moment I say goodbye, thanks for reading!

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