Arches in Southern Utah

In April of 2021 I visited 3 National Parks- Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches some state parks and hiked to and on some cool arches.

Some were very short easy hikes and some were long and difficult . We did some in the middle of the day and others we made sure we were there for sunrise or sunset. Exploring all these arches were a great part of the trip.

We visited on 8 arches, there are so many more. I will get to keep adding to this collection!

I have added cool arches posts from @jarvie, @derekekind, and @caseygrimley too (and made them beneficiaries).

According to Utah Geological Survey,

Arches National Park claims to be home to over 2,000 documented natural sandstone arches with diameters of at least 3 feet. At least 800 significant arches have been photograph and identified in Utah. Six of the 15 largest known arches are in Utah.



















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