What to do and not to do when you join Hive

Hive can be very daunting when you first join and there's a lot to learn. Here's a selection of posts with very useful tips on what to do, and not to do when you first start Hive. They will help make your Hive journey a lot smoother and enjoyable.

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Many people on Hive have made mistakes and for some it's costed them dearly. @pitboy talks about 7 mistakes that you should not do. Read it and it will save you a lot of grief on your Hive journey.

Just when you thought you know all the Hive mistakes to avoid, @sidwrites comes up with more. Some have been mentioned before, and that's because they are important, but there are more that you need to be aware of.

@steevc supports newbies and minnows through his tenkminnows project. He knows a thing or two about how not to fail at Hive and you can learn a lot from this post

115 experienced Hive users provided their inputs to a survey conducted by @LivingUKTaiwan, on the top 3 things newbies should do during their first week on Hive. If you're lost on Hive, this will definitely help you out.

@sidwrites offers a lot of useful valuable tips and insights for new users on Hive

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