Keys and Security

Unfortunately, every now and then there are phishing scams on Hive where people inadvertently enter their keys into fake sites and end up losing all their Hive and HBD. This collection talks about how some of these phishing scams work, how you can protect your account, and most important of all, what you need to do in the event you lose control of your account. This is a must read for newbies.
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The long string of Hive keys can be very daunting for a newbies joining the blockchain. @thekittygirl does a great overview on the different functions of each of the keys.

Although this post from @nickyhavey make reference to Steem, it is nevertheless a very handy guide written in plain English on the basic of keys and security.

@thekittygirl talks about how some of the common phishing scams works, and what you should do if you become a victim of one.

@roleerob offers a simple step by step guide on how he changed his keys via two popular Dapps on the Hive blockchain, PeakD and the Hive Keychain. You can do this if you think your account may have been hacked or just as good practice.

@engrave talks about the importance of setting your Hive account recovery to someone you trust in case anything happens to your account.

Let's hope you will never need to do this, but in the unfortunate event that your account is compromised, you need to know how to recover it. @hive.recovery makes the whole process a lot easier.

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