Time is transactional - What do you exchange your time for?

In school, some students fail woefully, some are a definition of success.
In business, some people record more loss which others record huge profits.
In the home, some children are notorious and wayward, some are God-fearing and good children.


The result that we get in life is about what we exchanged our time for. Have you wondered why some people are more productive than other people even though we all have the same time. The answer is not far-fetched - successful people exchange their time for profitable and productive activities while on the other hand, the reverse is the case for others.

You'd get your results in no time if you exchange your time for unproductive activities such as watching TV, partying etc when you are suppose to be planning for your examination, interview or even writing on your blog. The reward for laziness, idleness, procrastination is always nothing to write home about.

There is no favoritism, nepotism or godfatherism in the number of hours each person have in a day. We all have 24hours per day and the result you arrive at is based on what you exchange your time for. Parents who invest their time in their children and family will have a happy home than parents who are always busy with work, traveling and handover the children to househelps. The family that spend time together exchange their time for communication and getting to know each other better. The parents get closer to the kids by checking their assignments, asking what they did in school and so on.


Also, every student have equal number of time to study and prepare for their examination. The difference between the best students and the worst students is what they exchange their time for. The best students most likely exchanged their time for studying, researching and resting while on the other hand, the worst students may have been involved in one time-wasting activity or the other.

So, let's take this personal!

What are the things you exchange your time with every seconds, minutes and hour?

Successful sports men and women exchange their time for rigorous trainings and disciplined eating habits in order to always stay fit.

Successful business tycoons are always making researches on how to improve their business. They exchange their time to attend seminars, webinars, read books and so on.

The best surgeons, dentists, neurologists, cardiologists and so on have exchanged their time for series of researches in order to be relevant in their respective fields.


You'd be rewarded for anything you exchange your time for. The reward may be positive or negative. It's just like someone who plants beans and want to reap rice - it is not possible. It is exactly what you exchange your time for that you will get.

Take some moment to think about all the activities you exchange your time with on a daily basis. Think about how many hours you dedicate to productive activities and how many hours you use in frivolous activities. Evaluate and come up with ways of improving how your spend your time.

Time is money, spend it wisely.

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