REMINDER! - Week Three Of The DreemPort Challenge!


Where do you find the courage to deal with complex situations and challenges in your life?

Daily, we are faced with unpleasant and seemingly impossible challenges that we sometimes wish another person could take our place or make it go away.

Still, we find the courage and strength to face those challenges. When we do, we are relieved and realize it was no big deal after all!

Well, the #dreemportchallenge is a pretty easy challenge to face! Hehe.

Dear Hivers, do you have the COURAGE to press forward in the #dreemportchallenge? Now is not the time to give up!

Our appreciation goes out to all those who participated last week. Your entries were awesome, inspiring and most importantly, THOUGHTFUL!

Welcome to WEEK Three (final week) of the challenge.

For those who do not know….

@DreemPort is currently engaging in monthly challenges (three weeks in each month) to shine the light on various Hive communities for the purpose of encouraging quality contents, engagement, consistency and social friendships.

This month, we are focused on the thoughtfuldailypost community hosted by @wesphilbin.

Rules Of The Challenge

  1. Write a thoughtful, positive and inspiring post using any front-end and platform of your choice. Original content only.

  2. Submit your posts on or before Tuesday 4 pm PST so they can be compiled for curation on Wednesday.

  3. Make sure to use the #dreemportchallenge and #thoughtfuldailypost tags as one of your first three tags. Please spell them correctly so we can find your posts.

  4. Drop the banner of your Preferred Platform of the Week at the bottom of your entry. Check out this post to know why you should do this.

  5. You may drop your post link in the comment section of this post.

Winners and honourable mentions will be announced on Thursday.

Up for grabs -

  • Winners will get 100% upvote from @DreemPort and the curation trail, 50 Dreem Tokens, and an exclusive profile frame.

  • Other valid entries will get a 25% upvote from @DreemPort and the curation trail, plus 10 Dreem tokens.

JUICY UPDATE - we also have 20 POB tokens to give away to winners, graciously donated by @wesphilbin and @dreemsteem! Wooooots!

Looking forward to your amazing entries! Thank you!

All DreemPort images are created by the fabulous @jimramones and are only to be used with permission from DreemPort please 😍

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