We all are bound to have fears but then how we react to it depends on each one of us.
fear is a natural emotion.

fear is experienced in our mind and can overcome us if not taken care of. fear deprives us of trying... are you facing your fears or running away from them? that question you alone can provide an answer to ... avoiding fear will only prevent us from moving forward.
I'd personally this post and share how I overcome my fears. I hope this works out for you too

So I joined this platform hive and as a newbie only have few friends...I remembered my introductory post had an engagement which was encouraging and I felt that was not bad for a start so I kept posting more but then other posts were not having encouraging engagement and this discouraged me and at some point, the only thing I do is read other peoples post, comment and reblog that was the normal routine but then I realized I allowed fear to consume me. fear of not getting engagement which deprived me of posting at some point I then decided to face my fear with the help of a positive mindset.

Our mindset plays a big role on how we conquer our fears Steve maraboli said "once your mindset changes everything on the outside will change along with it" having a positive mindset goes a long way...this helped me in overcoming my fear...I decided to have a positive mindset over my post and it worked out because the first post I posted after having a positive mindset was the post" life" which @wesphilbin saw and the post got an encouraging engagement...

my point is we do not get better if we don't try nor overcome our fears if we do not face them.

fear will always come but with the help of a positive mindset we can overcome
here is my entry for #dreemportchallenge.
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