Sometimes it seems difficult to walk the path of community adoption, and if it is about being Christians even more, we are endowed with certain characteristics that will ask us to go beyond ourselves, in the eyes of man it is difficult for us to face certain paradigms religious, legalistic and wrong thoughts of the true service of the human being.

Happiness is about helping and serving others, and that is a community.

However, for what we believe in God we know that the limit is heaven, and that faith moves mountains, knocks down walls if we propose it in our hearts, my duty as a Christian leader is to teach and share those experiences to communities, in a way that they are active in practice and in the "Power of Execution". Today a friend told me about and I began to meditate on it, we cannot settle for being just one more of a technological platform, but rather be the best version of us There we will know that we are part of a community.

I do not know "better medicine to cure our uncertainties than to Act, than to advance and make possible" through action what we have in our minds.
José Jacinto Muñoz
Sociologist, international lecturer.


As difficult as what you are facing may seem when you execute and do your best, miracles appear.I faithfully believe that word because I have lived it over the years, those of repentance that come after a time of determination, firmness and conviction.Leaving the installed capacities is the objective to empower the individual and that this in turn is capable of influencing their environment.

Each community has different qualities so it represents an adaptive challenge, it is a constant feedback between interest groups, dialogue and learning. It is also important to train leaders who are agents of change so that the impact is greater.

My wish is to build a resilient community that has its own capacities to learn and improve. We can not expect to have a fortune to undertake, to dare, so it is not built, you have to put your hand on the plow and the rest will come in addition, everything has its time: there is a time to sow and a time to collect what is planted, and now is the time for heart work.

In the coming days, months and years, we will be focused on building communities where everyone involved imagines, designs and executes the different development alternatives that are transformative, sustainable for local communities.

In other blogs I had commented on the social responsibility of each member and it is time to carry it out, it is now "Executing" the work of service, love and solidarity on earth, as we move forward in the community we will also in our personal lives.

A divided house cannot prosper and from this we have plenty of examples in the world, we are not for divisions but in a single spirit to make our community the most prosperous on the planet. Several days ago we launched our landing page, in it is Containing the essence of the community and the possibility of being built on this basis, it is important to start social marketing at


Week 1.

1.-Enter the landing page and make an informative blog about what can be done on this website.

2.-Be creative, investigate, act as a tutor to teach new users from what is the token heart to how to install a wallet. (Basically theory)

Week 2

1.-Be a multiplier of the blessing, enter a family member, friend or acquaintance who wishes to be part of this international Christian movement, consolidation to the end. (Active user)

2.-You must create a blog, with images, video, of how you did this training until you get the account with the suffix jc.

3.-Remember to give your friend a Gift Heart so they can interact with the daily blessings and the goldencenser.

Week 3

1.- We will all share a blog with the goldencenser verse, analyzed from our perspective.

2.- We will make comments between each other's blogs, so that there is effective feedback.

Week 4

1.-We will start the official opening of our "HeartHouse".


2.-The guidelines for this will be given in advance of the challenge.

3.- We will look for ambassadors per week to carry out this action, and it must be accompanied by images, video of what will be done in your home, community, etc.

Note: for these activities we will have a week for each one, so that everyone can participate, they will not write every day, only one blog in the week.


1.- Anyone who is interested in being part of this community can participate.

2.-Plagiarism is prohibited, if you are going to place any citations, mention the text and image references.

3.-Reblog this post, like and comment. Share on twitter and leave the link in the post comment.

4.-For each challenge of the week (there are 4 challenges) you will donate a contribution of 0.5 hive to the @heartchurch account.

5.-The start of the challenge will begin next Sunday, May 24, 2020. (week 1)

6.-Suggested tag: #heartchallenge


We know that every worker is worthy of his work, so we will be offering incentives:

1.- Weekly prizes for first, second and third place according to content:

  • Best content mention: originality, creativity and style.

  • Best content mention: community impact.

  • Best content mention: Spirituality, inspiration.

2.-Healing rewards of our allied accounts.

3.-There will be a special prize at the end of the four weeks for the most outstanding member.

4.- These incentives will be in: Heart, telos, hive, steem.

Reference image

Remembe: We are doing this not to fill a space, but to exercise and develop responsibility, commitment and leadership, coupled with the ability to multiply in each geographical or virtual area.

Any questions or suggestions are communicated through the channels:


My life belongs to God and neighbor, while there is encouragement in me, it will be an honor to do everything I can to bless the land.




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