Do you Believe in Signs?


While doing daily devotional readings, trying to keep in my prayers two elderly relatives who are experiencing serious health trials, two doves fluttered against the windowpane.


As the birds struggled to find a footing on the narrow ledge, their wings scraped against the glass.

I tried to be as still as I could while I captured these pictures.



Then, when I thought they’d both flown away, the winged messengers returned — this time, repeatedly, crashing against the partly-opened balcony door, trying to fly in…

Because I'm a bird lover and doves are gentle creatures, I regard it as a good omen, somehow, but wonder what it means?

A general internet search suggests that a bird flying against a window might mean impending death, a message from heaven/loved ones or a herald of change, depending on the type of bird.

A dove represents purity in the Bible. This bird is associated with good energy, peace and also describes the right direction and perception.

When it hits your window, it is all good news. 🙏🏽

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