Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 41

Whenever I get into the car to go somewhere local, I always try to remember my camera.
Every time I'm out and about, I spot something, usually wildlife, that captures my eye and is worthy of some pictures.

Well, on this day I spotted this bird which I believe to be a Redtailed Hawk. I was going to the county dump when this opportunity to snap some pictures of this guy presented itself, but I had once again forgotten to grab the camera.
The county dump is only five miles from the house and I saw this bird a mile from home. I figured that there was no way the hawk would still be there when I returned, but to my surprise, there he sat, still perched in the same spot.

At this point, I raced home to grab the camera, hoping that he would not fly away. To my delight, the hawk had not disappeared into the woods.

As I watched him, it seemed as though he was looking for a meal, surveying the tall grass from his vantage point.


Before long the hawk released his grip from the electrical wire and dove into the grass. He was barely visible at this point. Occasionally I caught a glimpse of his head as it bopped up and down. The hawk seemed to be eating something.


As I drove a little closer the hawk took off, landing on the electrical wire about 50 yards down the road. As I approached him again, he flew off once more, and to my surprise, he landed on the wire that paralleled the road.
It seemed as though we were playing tag as the hawk did this several times.
I must have followed this guy for several 100 yards before he flew off into the woods.


Boy was that fun!
Being retired has given me the time to smell the roses and follow birds down the street. 😁
Thanks to @nelinoeva, @melinda010100, and all the others at the helm of the #Feathered #Friends community I have become a bird lover.

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