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🦉 The white wagtail (Motacilla alba)

📚 Motacilla lat .: mōto, mōtare move continuously, -cilla tail (cilla like a tail - only in ornithology, erroneous established name)
📚 alba (lat.) white


In fact, this is not a simple and familiar to all of us white wagtail. Take a closer look at its plumage. Do you see those strange yellowish and reddish spots? And it’s not dirt, or discharge, or anything else. This is the color of her feathers.

I saw this bird in one place near the thermal power station, there are concrete structures on which this bird walked. Sometimes she flew from one place to another, and constantly shook her tail and screamed.
I immediately remembered spring when I saw a gray wagtail (which is gray above and yellow below) in the same place. And I had thoughts. Could it be a hybrid of a white and gray wagtail? And what, it may well be. Wagtails of different species can gather during the autumn migration.



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