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🦉 The black woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)

📚 Dryocopus (Greek): drys, dendron - tree; kopos, koptō - hit
📚 martius (lat.) : warlike, fighting; March


A handsome, stylish, and very loud woodpecker. His recognizable voice is very well heard at a very long distance, and you will not confuse it with the voices of other birds.
This woodpecker is a real workaholic. He will not calm down and leave the tree until he has studied it very carefully. If other species of woodpeckers leave small chips under the trees, then this woodpecker literally rips off the bark from the trees, from which its traces are easy to recognize both by the state of the trees themselves and by the fallen peeled bark.

However, in the spring, he can ravage anthills. In the first two photos, I just caught him doing this process. He sat down comfortably and feasted on the ants. And in the third photo, the female has a small red spot on her head, and the males have a long red cap in full length.



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