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Photo from one short spring walk.


πŸ¦‰ The Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus)

πŸ“š Oriolus oryolus (lat.) oriole [Old French. oryol oriole, aureolus

This bright, cautious bird screamed loudly in the upper tier of trees, where it actually lives. This bird has only two types of sounds. One of them is a sharp, hoarse meow, as if the cat was stepped on the tail. From which in our country she is called a "forest cat". She also has a beautiful whistling voice similar to a flute.


πŸ¦‰ The redwing (Turdus iliacus)

πŸ“š Turdus (Latin) thrush
πŸ“š iliacus ilia (lat.) sides, iliacus with sides (i.e. with red sides)

Somewhere in the bushes near a small stream, this little thrush was swarming on the ground. This species of thrush is rather shy, unlike his counterparts. As soon as he heard a rustle, he was frightened and flew up onto the branches of the bush.


πŸ¦‰ The black kite (Milvus migrans)

πŸ“š Milvus (lat) - kite
πŸ“š migrans (lat.) - migrating

And a kite was flying over the lawn near the coniferous grove. He examined the surroundings for the presence of small rodents, carrion, bird eggs.
But he did not know that this territory was well guarded, therefore, after a while he would be attacked.


πŸ¦‰ The Eurasian hobby (Falco subbuteo)

πŸ“š Falco phalcōn (Greek), falco (Latin) falcon; the word falco is derived from falx (sickle, scythe) and means "curved in the form of a sickle", which is associated with the shape of a falcon's wing in flight or its powerful sickle-shaped claws (Gotch, 1981)
πŸ“š subbuteo lat .: sub below, under, close to .., partly, buteo buzzard

And he was attacked by this little falcon.
This small coniferous grove serves as a residence for this bird every year. And every year I see the same thing. The falcon attacks the kites that have accidentally flown into this territory.


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