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🦉 The common rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus)

📚 Carpodacus Greek: karpos fruit, daknō to bite
📚 erythrinus erythros (Greek, lat.) red


It is a pity that these birds do not live long with us. I mean, they arrive very late, in the middle of May, and this is much later than all other birds. And they leave early too. They are gone in August. Apparently this is due to their peculiarity of the flight. For some unknown reason, they fly far to the east, and then return and fly back to their nesting sites. Easier to say, make a big detour.

But how nice it is to hear their songs in the spring. Bright crimson males love to sit on separate, viewable branches, for all to see, and sing their song, which can be voiced in English as "nice to meet you!".



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