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🦉 The willow tit (Poecile montanus)

📚 Poecile poikilis (Greek) an unidentified small bird mentioned in ancient texts
📚 montanus (lat .) : mōns, montis mountain, mountain range, montanus mountain


Restless nimble tit. In the spring, you can already hear their beautiful melancholic mating songs. And in autumn and winter, they shout very noisily in hoarse voices so as not to lose each other.
In Russia and some other countries, this bird is called something like "puffy/puffier or plumpy". This tit received this name for the fact that in cold weather she fluffs up her feathers very much in order to keep warm.
The bird is not shy, and is easily tamed. In winter, she can visit feeders in city parks.



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