Wildlife : Birdwatching - 1061 🐦


🦉 The white wagtail (Motacilla alba)

📚 Motacilla lat .: mōto, mōtare move continuously, -cilla tail (cilla like a tail -
only in ornithology, erroneous established name)
📚 alba (lat.) white


This beautiful graceful bird walked on the ground near the river bank. And it's not easy. In general, in addition to human dwellings and buildings, wagtails like to settle near the water. Therefore, the wagtail is not very afraid of people, and can walk next to a person.
There she was looking for food for herself, which is made up of dipterans.
From time to time she sang a song. The songs of these birds are quiet and unintelligible, in fact, a quick and unintelligible repetition of chirping sounds



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