Wildlife : Birdwatching - 1058 🐦


🦉 The European greenfinch or simply the greenfinch (Chloris chloris)

📚 Chloris khlōros (Greek) green; yellow


Also known as the "Forest Canary".
Their babbling trills can already be heard in mid-April, when spring comes and the snow melts. For the winter, these birds fly away not far, where it is warmer, to the south of the country. The bird is typically granivorous. Eats seeds, nuts, berries, cereals, sometimes it can eat small insects.

In our city, sometimes these birds are heard in parks, albeit in small numbers, one or two birds. In the forest, of course, there are more of them. And unfortunately, these birds are very shy in our region, and i have to work hard to take their photos.