Birdwatcher's Log : 29.07.21

I decided to walk through the coastal forest and coastal zone. Now is the time to observe various sandpipers and adolescent birds.


A tree pipit flew out of the grass and sat on a branch. And he was one-legged. See? He probably fell prey to a predator, but he was able to escape. He was jumping on one leg on a branch, and it looked rather sad.


And this is a young yellowhammer, she was in an area where dense bushes and tall grasses grow. There she ate some seeds.


With difficulty making my way through the thickets, I reached small open edges on the shore.
There, on dry ground from the water that had gone, several sandpipers wandered. But they got scared of me, and only the common sandpiper remained standing on one leg on a stone, periodically shouting.


And above me, a black kite circled, screaming. Small fish are found in the lakes formed due to the unevenness of the ground and the departure of the river. And kites sometimes catch this fish.


Returning back to the forest, I saw a young common redstart on the well-trodden paths. He walked on the ground, and his mother was nearby in the bushes.


In the same place, not far away, I saw a common chaffinch. Yes, they are already silent, they do not sing their beautiful famous songs as they do in spring.


And in the ravine where the stream flows, many birds drank the water and swam.
This young European pied flycatcher neatly crept up to the stream and began to splash.


And next to it, a young great tit , having bathed, climbed to the steep bank.


Common kingfishers love this ravine very much. Every spring I meet them in this place. And of course I met them again here. But there was only one bird, and it was a teenager. I immediately understood this, since he did not fly away when I approached him, besides, he had dark legs, and in adults they are bright orange.


Another seasonal lake is located not far from this place. Where, by the way, I found two more kingfishers, a parent and a fledgling. Also, this place is loved by various sandpipers. That's why I went exactly here.
The wood sandpiper stood alone near the stones, literally merging with them. I could hardly see her. She was just resting, and when a kingfisher flew nearby, it worried her and she swayed her tail in displeasure like a wagtail.


Not far from the lake, on high grass, I saw those who like to sit on the tops - siberian stonechat.


A whole family of mallards swam along the river.


And a white wagtail was walking through the dirty muddy mud.


In the distance, a family of common merganser basked in the sun and rested.


And along the entire river, river common tern hovered in the air looking for fish.


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