Female finch pecks tree seeds


This female finch was quietly sitting alone in the tree and pecking at the seeds of the tree. It was obvious from everything that she was hungry.
She paid almost no attention to anyone. I wanted to get closer to her, but the dense bushes did not allow me to do this. I was afraid that the bushes would cling to my clothes and I would frighten this bird away.
I had to carefully walk around the tree where the female finch was sitting in order to find a good location to shoot.


After several attempts, I was able to select a location with a good perspective. True, it was not very close to the finch. But there was nothing to be done. You can't get any closer. The bushes were in the way. But nevertheless, I was satisfied. It is good that the female finch did not fly away anywhere. This made it easier for me to take photographs whenever possible.


The seeds of the tree were apparently already ripe and the female devoured them with great pleasure. The day was good. There was no wind. So that I could easily take it off. This was most likely a young female finch. She wasn’t so shy yet. Hunger apparently dulled her sense of danger, which is inherent in birds of this species.


It is a pity, of course, that it was impossible to come closer to her. Better pictures could be taken. But it was still not bad. Moreover, she practically did not move and it was possible to catch a good moment for shooting.


There were a lot of seeds around and she just had to turn her head and not stretch too much to pluck them. It's good that these seeds helped me take photos of this female finch. I was pleased that I wasted my time.


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