A sparrow hides from the heat


Today it's very hot. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. There is no wind. All the birds hid in the dense foliage of the trees and no one is visible.
I saw only this little sparrow. He sat on the tree and hid his head in the shade all the time
Of course, in such weather it is rather difficult to get closer to it. But it was evident that the sparrow was too lazy to fly to another place and he was watching me all the time.
I tried to move very carefully. It is good that the sparrow sat very well and was well illuminated by the sun's rays.
The sparrow looked at me with unkind eyes all the time and it was clear that I was interfering with him.
He probably expected to wait out the heat on this tree.
I carefully took a few pictures. The sparrow just turned his head all the time. He tried to move away from me all the time.
I certainly did not expect that he would sit in one place for so long.
However, the sparrow did not fly anywhere. He continued to sit in one place.
I was very pleased. Slowly moved away from him, so as not to interfere with him.







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