A few moments while feeding my mother's domesticated chickens and hens

Most of the women in the rural areas keep chickens at home. In this way, as the demand for eggs and meat is met in their own family, they can sell it and make a financial profit and they can help their family financially. That is why most of the women in the village keep chickens at home.




Like the unique women of the village, my mother keeps some chickens at home. However, raising my mother's chickens is not for commercial purposes. Rather it is kept in our own family for the purpose of meeting the demand for eggs and meat.

My mother has a big hen and this hen has seven kids. They are fed several times a day. The food of these chickens is mainly rice and rice particles. Many times paddy is also fed this chicken.



However, a big problem in keeping chickens in our house is that when the chicks are a little older, the cat comes and grabs them and eats them. Some wild cats can be seen roaming around our house or around the house. They roam in our house or in the houses next to us all day long and get trapped to eat the chicks and when they get a chance they run away with the chicks.



That's why they have to be monitored and the chickens have to be fed around the house or in the eyes from time to time. So after a while my mother or my wife feeds the chickens. Of course the big hen always tries to save her chicks. That is, she fulfills her responsibilities like an ideal mother. If it claws from the front or someone tries to catch it, it flies and scratches the hunter with its nails. Seeing that, mother's affection, that is, mother's love for her child, floated in front of my eyes.

As a result of giving rice to the chickens as food, they ran and started eating. The mother started eating the chicken with her kids. And for any other chickens to eat here, the mother hen started chasing them. After eating for a while, the baby chickens went to the base of the tree, lined up and began to rest.

Much Love And Best Wishes To All


I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am a Bangladeshi. I feel very comfortable to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi. An assistant teacher by profession. A writer intoxicated. So I feel very comfortable writing content on different topics. It’s great to know the unknown and learn something new. Love to travel.
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