The Olive Thrush (Turdus olivaceus) Feeding Her Baby Insects and Berries

There are so many different types of birds. I am an amateur bird watcher and photographer and I have picked up on the sounds of the birds and their behaviour. I heard the calls of a particular bird at 4 am in the morning and thought it to be the Jan Frederic or Cape Robin Chat (my previous post). To my delight, it was a totally different bird I never even knew existed or was so prevalent in my garden! I always thought this bird was the Cape Robin Chat; both of them are ground-dwelling birds. But after studying this weeks photographs, I saw it was the Olive Thrush! And listening to some YouTube videos of the Olive Thrush's calls, I can say now that it is this bird that calls in the early mornings!

I was so lucky to capture these photographs because this friend is truly camera shy. Every time I work in the garden, I see them (the Olive Thrush) and the Cape Robin Chat. They love the reworked ground because they eat the bugs and spiders. In one of the photographs below, I think you can make out an insect, maybe it is a spider! But in the other one, you can see her feed her baby with a berry of some sort. Please enjoy these photographs of a beautiful and very shy friend! (P.S. I am going to post the photographs chronologically (except the first one) to show the moment the mommy bird fed her baby!)


Mommy Feeding her Baby











Some Other Shots of Mommy and her Baby








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