Failure Is Not Permanent, Success Is Not Final

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Henry Ford once said: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” It is difficult to achieve success without encountering failure. You certainly can’t get anywhere without taking the first step, and sometimes the journey is not so smooth.

Setbacks are an inevitable part of life, they are not permanent. It takes much more effort to remain where you are than it does to fail and begin again. Thomas Edison famously said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

I like to share with you all 7 ways of dealing with failures.

1 Accept that failure is part of life

Fear of failure might be the cause of more lost opportunities than any other. You don't want to start a business, because you might fail. You don't want to approach that attractive person, because you might get rejected.

You have to accept that failure is part of life. Even if you do everything right, sometimes you'll lose. There is no way to win all the time; there is no way to avoid all risks.

And yet, most people treat failure as a single event, a kind of death. It's not like that. Failure is a temporary state, like being broke or being single or being unemployed. You can recover from it. In fact, failure should be thought of more like travel than like death: it's an experience, one that will give you stories to tell and lessons to learn and improve your skills and make you more interesting at parties for years afterward."

2 Dealing with the bad days when you're feeling down

Many of us feel down and out sometimes. Sometimes we feel like we'll never make it, like we'll never be good enough, like we don't deserve our success. What can we do when we're feeling down? How do we deal with the bad days when it feels like everything is going wrong?

When you're feeling down, remind yourself about this. Tell yourself that while your current situation may be bad, it will pass. You will have ups and downs in life, and this too shall pass. Better days will be coming and so we need to hang in there.

Also, remember that every cloud has a silver lining. This means that although we may be in a bad situation if we are positive we are able to see the good in that situation.

3 Be Willing To Learn From Failure

If you're willing to learn from failure, two things happen. First, you stop fearing failure for its own sake. Second, you become more aware of the many ways that failure can teach you something useful.

Failure is a good teacher and so take the opportunity to learn. From this initial failure, you learn what mistakes you had made. You will become wiser and can move on working towards your dreams.

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4 Don't forget to celebrate your success

One of the ways of dealing with failure is that with every success or achievement no matter how small, we must celebrate our victories. In this way, we become more motivated to work hard to reach our dreams.

There are many ways to reward or pamper ourselves. You can celebrate by buying yourself something you've wanted for a while. Buy yourself something nice that will last or that will remind you of how far you've come. You deserve it.

You can also treat yourself just to doing something fun. Go out to dinner with friends, go see a movie, take a long weekend off and just relax.

You can pamper yourself by going to a spa.

5 Be realistic about what you need to do

If you look at the successful people around you, you will see that all of them have made sacrifices and worked hard to reach their goals. When they were young, they dreamed about what they wanted to become when they grew up. They knew from the start that it wouldn't be easy, but they also knew that if they put in a lot of work and didn't give up, they would achieve their goals.

Therefore we know that success is never easy and it does not just drop on your lap. We all need to work hard to realize our dreams. Therefore we need to be realistic about what we need to do to achieve our dreams and be willing to put in hard work and sacrifices.

6 Use Failure As A Springboard

The first step of getting back on our feet is to realize that we failed. We need to accept the fact that we failed and use it as a springboard to get back on our feet. We can't move forward if we don't deal with the past and we can't deal with the past if we don't admit it.

When we fail, we hit rock bottom. We use rock bottom as the foundation for us to build up our lives again. Turn our setbacks into comebacks and roadblocks into stepping stones to rise up.

7 Never Give UP

Failure is not permanent. If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. As long as you are still breathing, there is another chance for you." - Dale Carnegie

If I fail, I will get back up and keep trying until I succeed. I know that if I keep trying, it may take time, but eventually, all my efforts will pay off. The more effort that you give to something, the greater your chances of succeeding in the end.

I have failed in the past, but I have learned from my mistakes and become a better person because of them. My failures have given me the motivation to work harder in the future. Without failure, there would be no way for me to learn or grow as a person.

The worst thing about failure isn't the consequences; it's giving up and not trying again.


For every person who succeeds, there are many who fail, and for every success story you hear, there are untold stories of failure. Therefore we must learn to accept failure as just a part of our lives. Failure is only a temporary setback if we don’t give up. If we are able to face failure with a never-give-up attitude and learn from it, success will slowly but surely be ours.

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