That one childhood memory that lives with you

I'm usually one of the first to post on the Silver Blogger challenge.

This time life really got in the way -

After moving from one Airbnb to another for the last 8 months and being uncertain as to where we wanted to be next, thinking of moving to Holland or somewhere in Europe - we finally found an apartment into which we could settle and signed a year's lease.

It is still our intention to leave Cyprus but we'll have to see what the future holds for us.

I have some way back memories but I guess what stands out for me the most is my theatre days. We belonged to an amateur drama society in Natal, South Africa and my whole family, father, mother, brother and I took part in the local plays.

I was 13 years old when I had the main role of Anne in The diary of Anne Frank I also acted as a nun in The song of Bernadette


The Song of Bernadette

Both plays impacted my life deeply. I had wonderful reviews in the local newspapers and everyone saw me in acting as a career choice.

This was not to be as I had a rather jealous boyfriend who stopped me from acting. Strange that he went on to marry two high-profile musicians.

I blogged about this in February when I had an unexpected contact from an old school friend.


I'm really not a fan of facebook any more but grateful that it brought us together again. Who would have thought after all these years.

My friend Hilary sent me some cool clips:


So, yes - I think I still hanker after being on the stage and missed my opportunity.

I have had a lot of opportunity to enjoy the limelight with my daughter, at Eden Michelle - aka EGGSTA - and much more of that to come.

She is launching a Back Home EP - with some up and coming South African artists. Launching the first song Bae which stands for "Before anyone else".

So there you have it great memories and thanks to my friend Hilary Wilson I am able to share with you.

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