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Gleeful, is how I feel when celebrating my birthday.

In solitude on a foot bridge overlooking fields, it's the eve of my birthday and I'm having a moment of reflection, wondering where did the years go?

Feeling like I've lived many lives, I realise that growing old is an absolute privilege, for which I'm grateful.

Accepting my physical changes, I'm marvelled by the unchanged youth in my heart.
I've always stood true to myself, and something that stands out is how circumspect I am in trading my solitude.
My circle is small; a bit of a recluse, yet I feel so enriched by nature, animals, and my rudimentary lifestyle, which still allows me to enjoy the commonalities of the world.

Although I easily share aspects of my life through Hive, and have no anxiety in social gatherings, I'm normally a closed person who is socially selective.
My dearest friends know that I'm accepting and non-judgemental about the way people live their lives; and their hearts palpitate knowing that if I had to introduce myself, I could boldly do it in short dramatic poetry, to the tune of this:

"Behold the fields in which I grow my fucks.
Lay thine eyes, and thou will see that it is barren." - #SomeoneWithASimilarTongue 😘

... they fear self-sabotage, yet, twas this distinct trait, that attracted and continue to hold our bonds.

On The #Hive #Blockchain

@millycf1976 is an acronym of my name Camille-Cay Forbush, and my year of birth.
I am affectionately called Cam, but I prefer Milly; something I've never told anyone, simply because I am a fervent believer in doing whatever you choose, and whatever makes one happy, and for me, a title or name does not define an individual.

Somewhat reticent in my personal affairs; but open in professional ventures, I'm a take it or leave it kinda person, to myself and to others. My experience has shown me that presenting and laying your cards on the table for who you are, might be detrimental to my advantage, but it's a gamble I always take.
The rarity of my approach sometimes raises eyebrows, but it is always appreciated.

Get To Know Me (more)


  • A happy baby in nature,

  • Focused in my intentions, but disjointed in my trail of thoughts,

  • Responsible in my actions,

  • Bullheaded in integrity,

  • Agile in learning,

  • Self-aware, and carefree

  • Loves Meditation, Mindfulness, and a Fitness Enthusiast.

  • Suffers slighting from malapropism. Eg. Felicitous and Fellatio; Hence my need to proof-read and edit excessively.

  • A healthy appetite...

  • Conversation after coffee please

  • A yogi who swears like a trooper

  • A loner who discovered joy in connecting the yang @scubahead to my yin.


You're probably wondering why the heck I'm sort of "introducing myself"...

Well, some of you have come to know a bit about me, and I've met some interesting personalities and characters on the blockchain, however, I never introduced myself officially to Hive.

So, since I'm self-reflecting, and I am becoming a new 45 year old, I thought it might be an opportunity to introduce myself to you, and pay a visit to this community of Silver Bloggers.

After all, although everyone goes through changes, we still remain the same.

5 Things That Inspire Me Daily Onboard A Narrowboat.


Many people are leaving conventional homes to live their lives on canals and waterways across the UK on narrowboats, for obvious reasons as the idyllic lifestyle living onboard facilitates. It is such an interesting lifestyle, and everyday I'm thankful that I finally got to experience and live this dream during my mid forties years.
Some of the things that give me daily inspiration upon waking up are:

  • Living Peacefully and Calmly: This is achievable only when we truly learn to fully love and accept ourselves, and see life and mistakes we make as a journey, and learn from it. Appreciating and immersing myself and connecting with nature for serenity and calm.

  • Taking Pride In Everything I do: Living on a narrowboat as a continuous cruiser, without a fixed address, limits my ability to commit to working part-time/full-time jobs for companies, so I do everything virtually despite challenges I face sometimes with reliable and efficient network. Doing a job well is important to me, so I try not to comprise quality regardless of whatever shortcomings I face. Merely because I understand the importance of seizing opportunities when they arise, and creating them when they don't.

  • The importance of living in the present: I see the past as a mirage, the future as a wish, and the present as the only time crucial for one's happiness and growth. So it is important for me to recharge my batteries daily, by the natural resources of earth, and also find ways and deeds to help to sustain earth.

  • Watching and observing the harmony wildlife creatures share amongst themselves, influences the harmony in which I live with people around me.

  • Learning Something New About Alternative and Eco-living Everyday: The meaning of life lies in continuous learning and giving of oneself. Off-the-grid living lends itself to finding sustainable ways to live and survive. Also helping others in small ways by communicating and interacting helps me to see possibilities and promise in living long-term in such fashion, which brings fulfilment to my life.

5 Things I plan to Incorporate In My Life This Coming Year


Growing old is excellent, but I also strive to learn something new everyday. My floating home has prompted some interests and areas of my life that I'd like to improve, and it has also had me thinking of my retirement years, and how important it is for aging folks to have a specific interest. Something to keep the mind focused and occupied. Many people suffer loneliness, and they experience it years when the children move on and they are retired waking up with no job or purpose to fulfil, and soon realise that they live their lives with no particular interest or skills.
Here are some areas of interests that I hope to involve myself in this coming year:

  • Reading more in general which will inspire my content on hive.

  • Learning about European History, something of interest which I lack knowledge of.

  • To explore England and neighbouring islands.

  • Learning a new skill such as knitting which I think will be useful for making cozy winter accessories, and basic carpentry skills for making small alterations on our narrowboat.

  • Learning how to care for a house cat as we have future plans to adopt one.

Summertime is in full beam, and although I'm not big on celebrations, I find 45 a significant year, and very soon (another 5 years), I could be on planet earth for half a century:)
As scary as this sounds, I'm super excited and stoked to be celebrating my 45th trip around the sun.

I plan to enjoy it with my husband over a few glasses of wine and a nice meal. After all, that's what the doctor recommends for us "older folks".

Thank you for reading my blog, and please feel free to drop ideas on great activities that could enhance the lives of us silver bloggers.

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