Some of my favourite things

Sharing some of my favourite things with you to start off the week.

Food, glorious food!

Traditional South African fare like pancakes with a generous dusting of sugar & cinnamon or filled with stewed apples or sliced bananas. The making of these steamed delights was my task for many moons at fetes run by our church or a home for disabled adults.
Despite the hard work, this was loads of fun and a nice way to catch up with old friends, while they stood waiting for their pancakes to be tossed high in the air!


Milk Tart, Sourdough Bread and Koeksisters like @fionasfavourites makes for the McGregor Saturday morning markets high up in the mountains of the stunning Overberg in the Cape.
So although I'm not a big meat lover, Biltong, a dried cured meat and dried Wors which is made with a traditional South African sausage called Boerewors with strong overtones of Coriander and Cloves, definitely are on my list of favourite foods/ treats.


Togetherness and Laughter

Bring and Braai (BBQ), something South Africans do did most weekends pre you-know-what; the menfolk usually compete with who makes the best fire and is the top braai chef, while the women sit and have a good old cackle with a glass of wine and much laughter.

Despite the horrid happenings of the past few weeks, our rainbow nation still have the best sense of humour; I don't think there are many other countries where people of different creeds and colours can bounce back so quickly following a calamity of those proportions and make light of things with the best sense of humour!

The people in my life

I'm blessed to have found the love of my life early on and to have spent so many happy years together; someone who is very protective of me and with whom I can share all of life's ups and downs.
Other people may be happy on their own and I respect that, but for me personally, I need that person I can lean on when life deals some tough blows.
My sons, family and friends mean a whole lot to me and are also some of my most favourite things in life.
Hubby, my youngest brother, me and Mom; taken a couple of years ago when Mom was still quite mobile.


Live Shows

I miss going to live theatre shows so have to make do with watching music, movies and mini-series on the television; just not the same as a live show, but it is second best and we have to make do with that for now!
My late uncle used to be very much involved in theatre, and I learned about all the drama that goes on back-stage as well as enjoyed the glamour on the stage. He was known to have the knack of calming the most difficult diva before a show, and could work wonders with costumes, although he also was on stage in his younger days; mostly as a dancer. Sadly his life ended in the most horrific manner, but I believe he is in a happier place and would have found these past two years extremely difficult.


We love exploring our beautiful country with its diverse landscapes from the mountains to the sea, forests to the desert, and amazing wildlife so have felt quite stifled at times with not being able to travel far afield.
The beautiful Cape mountains and sea

Mountains Sea.png

Our Home

Fortunately we have turned our home into a cosy safe haven with a beautiful lush tropical garden, and part of it into a bnb which we really enjoy now that we're supposedly in retirement. We're not only creating revenue with unused space, but also get to meet some awesome people with many ending up as friends.

Cottage pool.jpg

Life can be hard one moment and change in a flash into something beautiful, and another of my favourite things is this quote from the late singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist Leonard Cohen:

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

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