Inanimate objects, yet they each tell a story

I'll be taking you on a walk through my home and give you a peek at some inanimate objects that sit silently, but each have a story to tell.

This brass ashtray belonged to my father in law, a memento that he brought back from Egypt when he was stationed there during the Second World War. This war left scars worldwide, and scarred this young man with horrific memories that he carried inside till the day he died.


A brass jug my son made at school, not sure why he chose metalwork as one of his subjects as he's not at all inclined to work with his hands; quite the opposite! Nevertheless, he was very proud to have completed this jug and gave it to me as a gift.


Teddy belonged to my son's very good friend, who found this world too harsh a place and although he tried his best, he could not save her and she chose to leave the world behind at her own hand.
Teddy sits safely inside his wardrobe as he finds it too painful a reminder of this beautiful fragile young soul.


When I fractured my ankle about ten years ago, my good friend @artywink's hubby Pete made this for me, a beautiful gift and funny to remember that this was my recovery pose for a long while healing.


This gorgeous porcelain doll was given to me by a friend who lived on a remote farm, and during that last two weeks of her confinement, stayed with us to be closer to the hospital when the time came for her twin daughters to be delivered. My hubby had to drive her there when her contractions started, quite nerve-racking for him, but I always think of my friend when I look at my delicate porcelain doll.


A vintage etched brass coffee tray that belonged to my mother-in-law, now used to display all kinds of brass objects.


Two gifts; the coffee mug was a gift from a very special old school friend when I turned the big six-O; and Babushka dolls left to me be my very special uncle who would have been celebrating his birthday today if his life was not taken so brutally ten years ago.
Perhaps this birthday is why I'm being nostalgic seeing all these things dotted around our home.


Life certainly takes us on strange and twisted paths, imagine all the stories we would hear if all the objects could talk!

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