Blog of the Week Winners - 20 September 2021


For this edition of the Silver Bloggers Blog of the Week, we had what must be a record number of entries. It seems that the topic really resonated for so many. This means we were challenged and the standard of previous winners has established a benchmark against which to measure contributions.

Surprises and a little housekeeping

One of the things that's surprised us - happily - is the number of entries from folk that have not subscribed to the Silver Bloggers' Community. We hope that your experience in our space encourages you to join this somewhat more mature (and eclectic) bunch of bloggers!

A reminder for everyone:

  • The community description which you will find here, is a guide to the content that is welcome in the Silver Bloggers' Community. We will encourage folk who post content that doesn't jive, to find an alternative and more comfortable space in which to play.
  • The winner of this edition of #bow can contribute to the next, but will not be eligible for a prize - we like to share the love.

Returning to this week's edition, the panel of four (@lizelle, @papilloncharity, @ericvancewalton and @fionasfavourites - @tarazkp is still on a leave of absence) had difficulty choosing and we had to get help. More of that below.

This week's prizes

The winner gets

  • 50% of the liquid rewards from post announcing the winners. His/her account has been set as a 50% beneficiary for this post
  • 10 Hive sponsored by @lizelle that she will send directly to the account wallet

That's not all

Thanks to our founder and Silver-Blonde Lizzie, Silver Beet and Silver Thumb, , for contributions to the prize pool so that we have -

  • a second prize of 10 Hive
  • a third prize of 8 Hive
  • and for the honourable mention, 2 Hive

All prizes will be sent directly to the winners' accounts' wallets.


The pool of prize money is diminishing, so if you would like to sponsor a specific prize or contribute to the prize pool, please send the Hive or HBD directly to the community account with the memo: #bow prize.

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Before we get to the winners -

Some of the posts mentioned below will all have reached their payout date (expired). If you visit them, please do more than comment: please give them a tip. The minimum tip is 0.1 Hive (of course, you can tip as much as you like!) and it goes straight to the account's wallet.

Winning posts

As I said, we had seventeen posts to choose from, in addition to the two ineligible posts from the community admins (and judges). Our respective posts reflected the themes that dominated all of the posts: sadness, confusion, fear and profound change. Although some of us say there's been no change, we've all had to dig deep and, on reflection, discover that things have changed - not necessarily plans. Silver-Blond Lizzie had to adapt or die and Silver Flower ponders a season past.

Now, to the "formal" entries. There were three that stood out for us, in addition to this week's outright winner. Again we used the random pick thingy to help. Here's how it played out:


Special mention

We don't like leaving folk out when, so our resident druid Silver Wings gets a special mention.

He discusses how he missed his visits to the library and (now he's vaccinated) is potentially now looking forward to a visit to the dentist.

Third place

We were all touched by how @d1homid's final year of medical school came to an abrupt halt. On his birthday.

Read his post to see whether his dream of becoming a doctor is coming true.

Second place

This is an example of how things haven't changed, and they have. Jackie O'Silver's contribution perfectly articulates what so many of us felt when this nightmare began: fear for ourselves, our loved ones and the grief of not being able to physically be with the people we love.


Mindfulness and listening to people who know (her daughter) helped.


Silver Dish's story is, as she says, an important one. She describes she's convinced she had Covid before anyone knew it was a thing. And how has gone on to rob her of so much.

In spite of that, she sought - and found - the silver lining.

Take a bow, Silver Dish


all the best with your new journey

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Watch this space for the next topic

Entries will close on Monday 4 October

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