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Hello Silver Bloggers

This is my first post in this community and I hope I make it in time to tell you about my name. I've been reading about what to write Here, but it takes time to choose what's the best name for myself, lol. I choose Silver Thumb because I wish that I can give you all thumbs up to create this amazing community on hive blog.


I remember when I was a kid, the one who calls me Cici is not my mother, but a neighbor. I was born few months after my family moved to the neighborhood in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia. My older brother and sister were born in my mother's hometown (only 7 kilometers from our home). So my neighbors thought that I'd be the youngest and Cici as the short of Kecil or Little was a perfect name for me. I don't know what will they call me if they know I will have another 2 little brothers and 4 little sisters. Glad that I'm the only one in my family who was nicknamed by a neighbor.

In my family, where everyone else has at least 3 different nicknames from their friends, I only have one, Cici. Whenever I joined a community group in real life, none gave me another nickname except a friend who loves to call me "Boy" because I was a tomboy back at school age.

I seldom raise my thumb for anything in the real life, but I'd love to raise my thumbs up for everyone in hive.blog because I love to read everything that inspires which I found abundant in silver blogger. I think I was getting used to giving a thumb up on Facebook before I joined steemit and now hive.


I have a chance to have another name for myself here, Silver Thumb is fine because that's mine. I wish I could be as active as I was in the past, especially in the engagement league, but I still in love with splinterlands game and still an active player too. Talking about Thumb, I used to see the senior citizens here in my country still using their thumb prints as a signature when they sign anything on paper, especially those who have sight problems and never attended any formal school.

Thank you @lizelle and @fionasfavourites for founding the community and encouraging me to join in. See you around

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