What's with your name? BOW topic.

What's with your name is the topic on #silverbloggers this week.

At first this dummy didn't really get it. The whole name thing. I finally figured out that we need a silver something name. I think?


Now since we are on the topic of names, I will tell you that Carolyn is not my legal first name. I will keep my documented first name a secret so the feds don't come after me for my defiance of certain rules.

When I was born in Bangkok. My mother registered the name my father and her had chosen. Carolyn was supposed to be a first name. Instead they documented my middle name as my first name. They also refused my Canadian father's last name. They also back dated my birthdate.

My father said it was due to the fact that they didn't like my mother marrying a foreigner. They gave her the excuse that my name could not be longer than the King's. It was not true.

When we got to Canada my father began the procedure to get my name corrected. At the end we ended up only succeeding with my father's last name and my middle name as my first, and my real birthdate.

I was still called Carolyn all my life. Well that's how I have introduced myself, yet almost 99.9 percent of people call me Caroline. It doesn't matter if I repeat my name Carolyn a hundred times, they will always call me Caroline. So I answer to Caroline, Carol, Caro, Carrie, Carolina, and if I give my legal on paper name for work (social insurance), I answer to that as well.

When we worked on a construction site an old carpenter thought my name was Elizabeth for some reason. Someone corrected him. He called me by my real name for a while. It went back to Elizabeth shortly after. I just went along with it for almost two years. When I ran into him he would ask "Elizabeth how are you?" I would answer him as if I were Elizabeth. So I also turn my head if I hear that name being called.

When we were in Thailand in 2019 we used to go to the Big C supermarket. Marc said it was my store because it was called big C. When we got back to Montreal we noticed a supermarket call Super C. I prefer Super C. It's like a comic book hero.

When I worked in a steakhouse a while back, a young co worker started calling me C Money. I liked it. It seemed kind of gangster which is fitting for a sometimes angry line cook.


Another place I worked a couple of years ago, there was a young girl who started calling me C Money as well which I thought was funny and coincidental.

Now at my current workplace, I finally stopped a coworker who is forty, from calling me Senora. We recently got a new server, who also started calling me Senora. I told her it was not necessary for the formalities so she started calling me Mrs. I told her not necessary. Now she calls me "darling". It's not the dramatic old Hollywood movie "Daaaling", It's the patronizing the old gal one.

She is in her later thirties. I give up. I wonder if my inner angry line cook were to pop up on a Friday night, when she asks me dumb questions, and we have 15 orders punched at the same time, while doing dishes and delivery orders, if she would still call me Darling. I tend to throw a few F bombs during those times, not to mention pots and pans. My partner Marc also my co cook got called Mr by her. He was not impressed. She's a pleasant person though, which is why I have to hold back.


I like the sound of Silver C. I think it sounds like the name of a race horse which I consider my self to be like. Besides, it's just C so who could get that wrong, right?

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