Embracing silver ?

This is my #bow even though I am not sure if I'm on the right page. I feel a bit like a renegade here but I'm really just having fun.

Embracing silveryou say?

Well if it means silver hair then you could say that this does not apply to me. Why? Not that I don't possess those silvers but because I have not been able to embrace them yet. Yes I have been hiding those silver threads since I first realized that they were not going away.

I discovered my first silver head thread at twenty five. My friend actually noticed it. I told her it was paint. When we pulled it out I realized that it was not paint.

Over time I embraced that one thread. After all it was just one.


Eventually I started doing insane things with my hair which I had fun with. I became blonde in my early thirties. So big deal right? Well I am half Asian and look full Asian. Honestly I had a lot of fun with being blond at the time.

If embracing silver means excepting that you are not under forty then I think I am almost there, except for some challenges that I have to get through besides the hair.


In my last post here, I mentioned that a forty year old co worker started calling me Senora after knowing me for six months. Until that time, she called me by my name. She started calling me senora all the time, and I mean all the time, after she had her fortieth birthday.

Last week I went by the sandwich shop where she works. It's around the corner from where we work. It's owned by the same owner and we cook for both places.

When I saw her she came to the open window and the first word out of her mouth was "Senora". I had told her already, that I don't require such formality. Hint hint. I told her once more and she said okay okay haha.

As I walked away toward the location around the corner where I work, she shouted "Senora?!"


My stomach turned to knots and I looked back at her. She asked me if I needed something for the cooking in the kitchen. She makes the sauces.

I told her once more that I didn't need the formality of "senora" and she just smiled and shrugged before we continued the business conversation.

That day she came into the restaurant. She tried hard not to let it slip Senora out of her mouth. It seemed to stress her out not to be able to call me Senora. Senora would be the Spanish Mrs. or the French Madame.

During her few minutes in the kitchen with Marc and I, she complained about being tired. She told us how she really started to feel like she's forty and getting old.


Marc is older than her and I am much older than her. It made us both want to roll our eyes to the back of our heads. I had to stop myself from telling her that I feel twenty five and I keep getting stronger. I refrained.

We have been noticing people we know posting public declarations on social media, of how they turned forty something, and they feel really depressed about being this age. Not just women.


It's over for them. Now all of their friends have to jump in and tell them "don't worry, you still look great".
When I see these posts, I just think how absolutely lame it is to do that. Not only that but it's insulting to anyone their age or older.

If it's over for people in their forties than I, in my late fifties, should be dead.

This is something that I should let slide. I'm not used to this kind of thing. I haven't felt this way since seven or eight years ago.
I was walking late in the dark evening. Two young men were walking toward me in the distance. One of them yelled out some cat call thinking I was young. When they passed by he shouted out loud "oh my god she's old!" "She's practically dead". Now let me tell you that really did make me want to stick my head in the sand for quite some time.


I'm over it now.


Over all I feel like the fountain of youth never goes away unless you let it.


I know we all change form but it doesn't mean we have to throw in the towel!

If I get knocked down, I'll get up again!


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